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Status: The decision meeting for DebConf10 took place on 2009-02-22. It was decided that DebConf10 will be held in New York City. The bid proposal is at DebConf10/NewYork.

Official information about DebConf10 can be found at


[edit] Getting involved

If you are interested in attending DebConf, register at, and if you like add your own ideas for the conference to DebConf10/Ideas.

If you'd like to help out, great! We are more than happy to welcome anyone interested into the local team and especially getting folks to volunteer during Debcamp and Debconf. Currently our two most pressing needs are the following and we can use all the help we can get:


  • Our email list you can follow conversations on this mailing list but it is not required to join to volunteer.
  • Our irc channel, #debconf-nyc #debconf and #debconf-team on ( is where most of our discussions occur. It is strongly recommend to drop by and say hi.
  • Have any questions, concerns or advice? Please email Gabriella Coleman at biella(at)

[edit] Post-conference information

[edit] Useful Information

[edit] Previous Planning

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