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Please sign up for the roles which interest you, or which you could see yourself taking on. Signing up is tantamount to a firm commitment to the role. Where listed, the work must happen in coordination with the listed DebConf teams. If you're part or leader of an existing team please just add yourself here!

Role Description Lead(s) Helpers
Treasurer Drafts the budget in cooperation with the team, ensures it is adhered to or adjusted, maintains all accounts and is in charge of all monetary transactions. pollo lfilipoz, madduck
Artwork Finalises artwork, co-ordinates with community or paid-for artists. pollo Valessio, Tammy, Renata
Publicity Spreads the word about DebConf using the Debian Publicity channels, and DebConf specific channels. Supplies the local press with news items frequently and regularly, and serves as their contact person on the phone and in person. Tassia Debian publicity team
Website Designs, implements, and maintains the website, including all content which doesn't fall within the remit of other specific team members. LeLutin lavamind
Network Deals with LAN, routing, and DHCP, and lays cable and sets up access points if necessary. Martin (nitrane), taggart
Servers Looks after local servers (Debian-Mirror ?, possibly hosting for Videoteam server).
Bursaries Decide who gets sponsored for the conference olasd
Facilities liaison Remains in constant contact with the venue's management, and relays queries, desires and alterations between the team and the venue staff. lavamind madduck
Catering coordinator Deals with all things related to catering, including the bar, and serves as the participants' point of contact for these matters. tiago tassia
Room assignments Plans the distribution of participants among rooms, and rooms among participants, and serves as the participants' point of contact for these matters. tiago
Travel coordinator Up to scratch on the subject of visas, etc.; also point of contact for travel coordination including local arrival and departure, and in charge of maintaining the relevant wiki pages. abdelq Romain
Fundraising Determines the sponsorship levels and takes charge of the acquisition of ALL THE MONEYZ! pollo, lavamind madduck, mbanck, aviau
Content Team Defines the content of the conference: keynotes, talks, schedule, etc. gwolf mbanck, pollo, tiago
Open Day Debian to the General Public RignonNoel lavamind
Day Trip Organises the day trip, and serves as point of contact on the day. LeLutin lavamind
Party Organiser Organises the conference dinner and party, and serves as point of contact / responsible person during the party itself.
Family coordinator Deals with the needs of families, in regard to accommodation, catering and childcare, and tends to the relevant wiki pages. lavamind madduck
Accessibility Team Assist any person with physical disabilities for any reason, along with a single point of contact to co-ordinate. lavamind Nattie
Registration & Front Desk Before the conference, general point of contact, during the conference, the person who solves people's problems, or refers them to someone who can. Nattie Nattie and team
Videoteam The team who does the live streaming of the conference. Debconf videoteam :D
Allrounder Does whatever needs doing: kicking the chief organiser, annoying the treasurer, going to the party, whatever. highvoltage
Chief organiser Intentionally listed last, as the chief organiser is in charge of everything. This role entails being first point of contact for all and sundry, and representing the conference to the outside world. This is a very communicative and intermittently extremely time-consuming role. This can of course also be taken on by a team which works together extremely closely. pollo lavamind
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