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[edit] C&W party

  • nattie is now Deputy Cheese Mistress and will coordinate with Nicolas.
  • Location is inside if weather is bad but ideally under HD (madduck: checked and ok)
  • The hostel is asking us to be set up well ahead of time. They provide plates, wine glasses, knives and paper napkins.
  • Shopping needs to happen in time, but we order bread from a bakery, maybe best through hostel

[edit] Day Trip

[edit] Transport

  • We have 9 busses and we need to make sure to herd people so that busses can be filled quicky and leave again.
  • We might want to use the PA system in the hostel
  • Busses leaving shuttle-style between 16:30 and 17:45.
  • Drinks up there start on arrival, food at 19:00
  • Busses for families available from 20:00
  • Regular return 21:00 – 22:45 ATM-cell-style (bus leaves when full and comes back empty)
  • Free drinks end at 21:30
  • We need to ensure people know that 22:45 is the last run
  • On return, only bistro will be open

[edit] Meals

  • nattie and Ilona will communicate numbers to the restaurant today
  • we expectaround 20 kids

[edit] Tickets

  • We have about 25 places available, tickets need to be prepared and sold for 20 (not including booze).

[edit] Misc

  • The registration team meets afterwards to decide who gets bags, as we have too few.
  • 560 certificates need to be signed, marga calls for a sprint post-meeting
  • We need to communicate more about the drinks coupons. From Saturday, they will be the only form of payment.
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