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[edit] Previous DebConf timelines for guidance

[edit] Team outline

A list of the teams and people involved in them can be found here.

[edit] Preamble

Long-term, there's probably little use in putting items into months, as the conference date shifts, and circumstances change. In general though, there's a somewhat standardised flow of the tasks in need of doing, especially early on. Thus, eventually, I (madduck) think a Gantt chart would be a better representation of this timeline.

[edit] March 2016 (-17)

  • Start work on the conference logo and artwork
  • Ponder on a conference theme (if any)

[edit] May 2016 (-15)

  • Finalize sponsor's brochure
  • Get a simple website / landing page online (mainly for sponsors)
  • Prepare list of sponsors to approach

[edit] June 2016 (-14)

  • Finalize & sign venue contract
  • Fix conference dates
  • Start brainstorming keynote speakers (cf. conference theme)

[edit] July 2016 (-13)

  • Assemble a rough budget, working with (in) the DCX-1 context
  • Approach keynote speakers

[edit] August 2016 (-12)

(usually this is a holiday month and traditionally not much gets done)

  • Start fundraising (try to give them time for their budget deadlines)

[edit] September 2016 (-11)

  • Finalise the logo, landing page, design
  • Ask teams what are their needs to get a better budget
  • Start investigating concrete childcare options
  • Collect concrete catering offers
  • Investigate suppliers for t-shirts, lanyards, bags, other swag
  • Send reminder for DCX+1 bids

[edit] October 2016 (-10)

  • Choose catering company
  • Make a video of Maisonneuve
  • Start the work on wafer
  • Get a preliminary budget approved

[edit] November 2016 (-9)

  • Commit sponsors
  • Form visa team and gather information about visa: both for attendees (requirements, paper requirements) and local orga (invitation letter requirements)

[edit] December 2016 (-8)

  • Create a basic page of how to reach host city for people planning their trips
  • Work on press strategy
  • Decide what DebConf swag we want (T-shirt + ???)
  • Have a working wafer registration-wise

[edit] January 2017 (-7)

  • Call for bursaries team
  • Get budget approved
  • Get money starting to roll in
  • Decide how much we are going to charge for the different fees and how that will work
  • Decide swag design and preferred manufacturer(s)
  • Send reminder on 29 January 2016: Sponsorship requests, Talk submissions close 2017-02-28
  • DCX+1 decision

[edit] February 2017 (-6)

  • Call for papers
  • Sign the venu contract and pay 20% as down payment
  • Reminder on the registration dates + initial announcement of some content
  • Deadline for attendees to request sponsorship (send a reminder a week before)
  • Start to talk with Hotel Universel

[edit] March 2017 (-5)

  • Opening registration
  • Bursaries responds to attendees that requested sponsoring saying yes or no
  • Get a deal with Hotel Universel
  • Figure out childcare offers and coordinate with any parent attendees
  • Registration officially opens

[edit] April 2017 (-4)

  • Announce bare-bones schedule on Monday 24 April 2016, - times of talks at least, perhaps some highlighted speakers if possible.
  • Follow-up with catering
  • Publish a preliminary conference schedule
  • Follow-up with Croix-Rouge for camp beds
  • Finalize banners / signs / large format prints

[edit] May 2017 (-3)

  • Start working on a "Welcome to DC16" email template with all the info in as few pages as possible (personalized to include personal info including dates, amount that needs to get paid, etc)
  • Official registration closes
  • Follow-up with hotel
  • Start working on visas
  • Order Debconf swag

[edit] June 2017 (-2)

  • Finalize numbers for lodging, in Hotel + at Maisonneuve
  • Complete the "getting to" page with pictures and step-by-step on how to reach the venue and lodging
  • Order banners / signs / large format prints
  • Check that the key signing document is sent out

[edit] July 2017 (-1)

  • Get the camp beds delivered
  • Send out the personalized "Welcome to DC17" file (attendee brochure)
  • Print badges
  • DCX+2 bid information sent to allow people to prepare

[edit] August 2017 (+0)

  • Make a "Welcome" post to the site on the first day.
  • Debcamp
  • Debian Open Weekend
  • Debconf
  • Day Trips
  • Make a thanks and wrapup post to the site on the last day
  • Teardown

[edit] September 2017 (+1)

  • Closing accounting
  • Thank you letters (fundraising)
  • Final Report
  • Handle lost & found
  • Reimburse people that have not collected their sponsorship on-site (possibly via SPI)
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