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[edit] Month -18 (approximately)

  • Congratulations, you won the bid for DebConfX!
  • The first activity on your list is to start getting involved with teams for DC-1X. It's a great way to gain experience in how DebConf works (and doesn't), and build up skills for running a DebConf.
  • Prepare a press release announcing the bid [Global Team, DCX Team]

[edit] Month -17 (approximately)

  • Start work on the venue contract [Facilities Team, DCX Team]
  • Start work on the conference logo [DCX Team]
  • Start work on the conference website. If any infrastructure changes are planned (e.g. new templating system or new scheduling/registration system), it's very important to start early. [Infra Team, DCX Team]
    • Put plenty of contact information on the site. Not only email but also phone numbers.
    • (optional:) Add a countdown widget, be it in days, or even minutes. "Only 514 days left before..."
  • Start work on the sponsor's brocure. [Sponsors Team, DCX Team]

[edit] Month -12

  • Attend DC-1X, and volunteer on-site. [Local Team]
  • Present a session about DCX, what attendees can expect. [DCX Team]

[edit] Month -11

  • Finalize sponsor's brochure [Sponsors Team, DCX Team]
  • Finalize venue contract (if not already completed) [Facilities Team, DCX Team]

[edit] Month -10

[edit] Month -9

[edit] Month -8

[edit] Month -7

  • Create a basic page of how to reach host city for people planning their trips [DCX Team]

[edit] Month -6

  • Call for papers + Opening of registration [Content Team, Infra Team]
  • Get budget approved [Facilities Team, DCX Team]

[edit] Month -5

  • Decide on T-shirt printer, and T-shirt design (colors, logo placement, etc)
  • Reminder on the registration dates + initial announcement of some content
  • Deadline for attendees to request sponsorship

[edit] Month -4

  • Bursaries responds to attendees that requested sponsoring saying yes or no
  • Figure out childcare offers and coordinate with any parent attendees [Facilities Team]

[edit] Month -3

  • Start working on a "Welcome to DCX" file with all the info in as few pages as possible (personalized to include personal info including dates, amount that needs to get paid, etc)

[edit] Month -2

  • Order T-shirts

[edit] Month -1

  • Finalize numbers for lodging
  • Complete the "getting to" page with pictures and step-by-step on how to reach the venue and lodging
  • Send out the personalized "Welcome to DCX" file

[edit] Month 0

  • Make a "Welcome" post to the site on the first day.
  • Enjoy the conference!
  • Make a thanks and wrapup post to the site on the last day.

[edit] Month +1

  • Final Report

[edit] Examples

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