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Pending tasks, divided by month. Dates in bold mark actual dates when things happened, even if they were planned for different dates. Date in italics are future dates that were agreed upon.


[edit] January

  • Get everything ready for the opening of registration:
    • Get the conference system ready to registrate attendees and talks (infrastructure team)
    • Decide what information we are going to ask from people (assistance team)
    • Decide what information we are going to ask from talks (content team)
    • Decide how much we are going to charge for the different fees and how that will work
    • Create a page explaining the categories and what will be provided for each
    • Create a basic page of how to reach Heidelberg for people planning their trips

[edit] February

  • February 16th: call for sprints.
  • Call for papers + Opening of registration
  • Add information to the website about dates and how/when people register, that we provide room&board etc.
  • Get budget approved [madduck]

[edit] March

  • March 3rd: registrations officially open.
  • March 5th: reminder sent by Content Team regarding inviting speakers.
  • March 12th: Call For Proposals.
  • March 15th: Reminder on the end of sponsorship request deadline.
  • March 30th: Deadline for attendees to request sponsorship

[edit] April

  • April 25th: Last chance to give up venue exclusivity, else we pay for 350 people/day average for 8 days
  • April 30th: deadline for submitting DebCamp sprints
  • Figure out childcare offers and coordinate with any parent attendees [Facilities team / formorer / loni]
  • Bursaries works on deciding who gets sponsored
  • Press Release including some of the confimed speakers
  • Decide on T-shirt and bag printer(s), and T-shirt design (colors, logo placement, etc)
  • Finalise conf dinner deal
  • Organise busses for day trip and conf dinner

[edit] May

  • May 1st: Bursaries gets back to attendees that requested sponsoring saying yes or no
  • Content team announces initial batch of accepted talks
  • Start working on a "Welcome to DC15" file with all the info in as few pages as possible (personalized to include personal info including dates, amount that needs to get paid, etc) [rene]
  • Figure out coffee and bistro selection for HD
  • Initial day trip plans

[edit] June

  • Finalize the Banner count / size / placing inside venue
  • June 1st: Reconfirmation starts
  • June 15th: Deadline for official talk submissions
  • June 15th: Order T-shirts, bags and banners
  • June 30th: Reconfirmation ends

[edit] July

  • Finalize numbers for the Hostel (we have 20% leeway for food, but they should be as accurate as possible)
  • Complete the "getting to" page with pictures and step-by-step on how to reach the hostel
  • Send out the personalized "Welcome to DC15" file [rene]
  • Publish "final" schedule with all officially approved events

[edit] August

  • Enjoy the conference!

[edit] September

  • Final Report
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