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Would it might sense to convert this timeline into a table, so we can track the status of stuff? (e.g. done, in progress, responsible persons, etc.)


[edit] missing in timeline

visa invitation letter

inform the attendees about result of their sponsorshiprequest

proceedings printed

banners printed

t-shirts printed

[edit] March

1 March: 14 weeks before DebCamp

13 March: preliminary talk list announced

? 24 March: publish DebConf6 report

? finalise hostels/hotels

[edit] April

1 April: 10 weeks before DebCamp

? Sunday 1 April: send out request to reconfirm attendance

14 April: 8 weeks before DebCamp

? Monday 30 April: deadline for reconfirmation of attendance

[edit] May

1 May: 5 weeks before DebCamp

Monday 28 May: 10 working days before DebCamp

[edit] June

? Friday 1 June: working upstream network from Teviot

Friday 1 June: 5 working days before DebCamp

Saturday 9 June: Setup

Sunday 10 June: DebCamp

Saturday 16 June: Debian Day

Sunday 17 June: DebConf

Wednesday 20 June: Day Trip

Thursday 21 June: Conference dinner

Sunday 24 June: Clean up

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