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[edit] Interested in having DebConf19 in your city in 2019?

There's no need to be heavily involved in Debian before making a bid -- it's much more important that you're ready to do, and have time for, a lot of (unpaid) work over approximatly two years. It's of course great if you've organised other events before, but it's more important that you're coming to the next DebConf or have attended a previous DebConf. You don't need to be practiced at writing formal documents in English (we can help with that where necessary), but some members of any bid team should be ready to watch IRC and email closely and respond quickly. We realise that everyone will have times when they're busy or just tired, so we will prefer than to try to do all the work yourself.

We encourage people thinking about making bids to get involved in DebConf organisation *now*. That's the best way to see what you'd be putting yourself forward for, and will give you the behind-the-scenes experience of DebConf needed for a good proposal.

[edit] Bid process

For information on the bid process, see

To see what's important for a DebConf location, have a look at the priority list and the more detailed location checklist:

If you can present your bid at DebConf17, you should try to show that you're thinking about what makes DebConf work well and have found some possible arrangements in your location. By the time of the venue decision at the start of 2018 we expect you'll have answered the whole location checklist. Of course, we'd rather you tell us about potential problems and how you hope to solve them rather than make promises you aren't sure of.

These are the jobs that DebConf19 will require, some local and some not: Most of these jobs are assigned after a location is selected, but make sure that you will have enough local volunteers.

To submit a bid, put as much information as you can about your proposal on a sub-page of and keep the information updated as you refine your bid.

When your proposal is mature, send an announcement to to formally submit your bid. Keep active in #debconf-team and keep us updated. We'll help you develop your bid into the best it can be.

[edit] Timeline

  • August 2017: presentations at DebConf17
  • December 2017: formal bid submission
  • Early 2018: location decision
  • 2019: DebConf19 in winning location

[edit] Bids

[edit] Dry Damp run

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