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[edit] Catering Quote Request

DebConf is the annual international Debian developer's conference. It is held yearly in varying locations around the world.

DebConf10 is being held at Columbia University from July 25 to August 7 2010. We would like to request a quote for catering from your business.

[edit] Contact

If you can fulfill some but not all requirements or can only handle certain days we still want to hear from you. We can work with you to produce a successful conference.

Please email your quote to <NAME EMAIL> or call <PHONE>.

[edit] Services Required

Do you provide either or both of the following:

  • Prepared meals
  • On site food service supervision (insurance, health department required approvals)

[edit] Meal Counts

We need lunch and dinner each day for approximately:

  • 75 people the first week (7 days)
  • 150-300 people the second week (7 days)

The exact number of meals will vary each day. We will be able to provide exact numbers a day or two in advance.

[edit] Meal Details

  • Buffet or box style meals.
  • We will have a cafeteria with a warm food serving area available. Information on the facilities are forthcoming.
  • We do not want the same meals every day. A variety of foods and cuisines is preferred.
  • Dietary restrictions:
    • Vegetarian and vegan options are necessary. We would also like some (or possibly all) meals to be all-vegetarian.
    • There are smaller numbers of attendees with other dietary restrictions. (hypoglycemic, gluten intolerant, kosher/halal). It is possible for us to arrange for these meals to be provided separately if you can not easily do this.

[edit] Other Information Requested

  • Price per meal, for lunch and dinner separately.
  • _ALL_ additional costs/requirements beyond the food itself
  • Logistics: transportation, timing
  • Cost model for eaten/uneaten food
  • Sample menus describing the variety of food offered.
  • Sample vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Information on which other diets you can accommodate (see above).
  • Can you provide proper health department approvals and insurance as a caterer when serving food provided by a third party?
  • Information on any breakfast or brunch options possible.
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