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Some ground rules:

  • any participant of Debconf3 is free to edit the content here.
  • please use this space to "publish" information about hotels, debcamp ideas, etc.

Deb Camp is a hacking sprint that is just before DebConf3. Please put stuff related to DebCamp there; e.g. there is "Deb Camp Tasks", "Deb Camp Workers", "Deb Camp Talks".

There is a day when we could all bring in some interesting food, so write "What Food Will I Bring For All To Try" :)

There is information about Staying At The Gym.

We should probably collect Notes On Deb Conf3Talks here.

Check out the local weather forecasts. It's hot.

Group picture with names here


[edit] Talks

Some talks will be held at DebCamp:

  • 2003-07-15 14:00 - Skolelinux, Kurt Gramlich
  • 2003-07-16 10:00 - NM and the sponsorship queue, Martin Michlmayr.
  • 2003-07-16 11:00 - Network autodetection discussion
  • 2003-07-16 15:00 - Improving the effectiveness of presentations, Jeff Bailey
  • 2003-07-17 11:00 - Finding ways to fund free software projects, Mako and Enrico
  • 2003-07-17 14:00 - Finding a name for customized version of Debian, Mako and Enrico

If anything is missing here -- add it!

[edit] Camp

Possible DebCamp Tasks

If you are organizing a code sprint during DebCamp, add entries here such as the following entries, possibly linking to more wikipages about the subject.

Here's a big one:

  • debian-installer beta preparation
  • Skills needed: C, debconf, shell, and lots of others
  • Contact Person: Tollef Fog Heen
  • Lots of small fairly easy tasks available, just ask.

Package Tags:

  • debian package tags implementation
  • Skills needed: starting from "using a browser" till C++ and package manager coding
  • Contact Persons: Enrico Zini, Erich Schubert
  • You can help by tagging packages (see ) as well by adding tags support to different package manager frontends (aptitude, synaptic...)

See BrainStorming for more general how-to-improve-Debian ideas.

[edit] DebWorkers

If you are at DebCamp, don't have anything special to do, and want to help on some project, add your name here so people will now to contact you.

Bored People

  • Name: Marius Kotsbak
  • Skills: C, C++, Java, CVS, Perl
  • At DebCamp: now!

  • Name: Kai Hendry (hendry)
  • Skills: Web, Python
  • At DebCamp: from 14:00 on Mon

  • Name: Kalle Svensson (kjs)
  • Skills: Python, basic C and sh.
  • At DebCamp: now.

  • Name: Joachim Bretner (nomeata)
  • Skills: Perl, Web, bash
  • At DebCamp: now

  • Name: Tom Fernandes (tomf)
  • Skills: bash, little bit ot python, translation
  • At DebCamp: now

[edit] What Food Will I Bring For All To Try

You could bring some special on national food to Debconf, so everybuddy and everyone could try it. Please write here, what will you bring.

  • aigarius: A classical dark bread from Latvia + few kilos of chese with caraway seeds from Latvia
  • Lo-lan-do: One litre of "pastis" (see for more info). Fits in the import quota, and it's usually diluted in water so one litre will serve many people :-)
  • part: salty licorice candy from Finland, has ammonium chloride
  • Tv: I just noticed I have some salmiac flavored chewing gum, which was totally unknown atleast to some american friends earlier, so if you want to taste it, find me on IRC.

[edit] Staying at the Gym

If you are staying in the gym during DebConf3, you should probably bring

  • a lock (there will be lockers to store your less valuable things in),
  • a towel,
  • a camping pad,
  • a sleeping bag, and
  • a power strip.

The gym is only open during mornings and evenings; it will be locked during daytime. Only people with a sleeping cat on their badge will be allowed.

There will most likely be internet access available, but please do not start a hacking session there, as people who will not be staying there for the night cannot participate. Please remember that it is a place to sleep; keep quiet.

There's room for a barbecue and such outside.

There are two shower rooms. Please add a note on how the male/female situation is solved here.

There is a place for smokers outside. Please smoke only there and put the cigarette butts in the container meant for that.

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