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This page documents the location and ownership of DebConf's physical assets, and a plan for ensuring that they work.

[edit] Asset management plan

This inventory is a list of all of the equipment that it is in the DebConf equipment pool. DebConf has borrowed from a few sources.

Hans-Christoph Steiner ( is the DebConf Asset Manager. We are borrowing equipment from Schlomo/Daisy at Columbia CS Computer Research Facilities (CRF) or Cal at the Columbia Chemistry Department (Cal-Chem). Whenever more equipment is borrowed and added to the DebConf pool, it must be added to this inventory below. Once equipment is in the pool, then it is circulated by DebConf staff. At the end of DebConf, we will use this list to make sure we have returned all borrowed equipment.

[edit] Inventory

Owned by DebConf

  • Buffalos B134, B139, B142 (Debian-NYC used ones), three power cords, one gray europlug->US power adapter, one box: Given to CRF (Shlomo) 2010-06-04.
  • Buffalos B132, B133, B135, B136, B137, and five power cords. Given to CRF(Shlomo) on 2010-06-07

Owned by CRF (Computer Research Facilities)

  • 1 ps2 keyboard
  • 3 ps2 mice
  • 1 8port netgear ethernet switch
  • 7 10foot black ethernet patch cables
  • 1 6-plug APC power strip
  • 4 power cables
  • 1 dual-output power cables
  • 2 vga cables
  • 3 - Netgear GS608 (8-port gigabit)
  • 2 - Netgear GS605 (5-port gigabit)
  • 2 - Netgear FS116 (16-port 100Mbit)
  • 1 - Netgear FS524 (24-port 100Mbit)
  • 1 - HP ProCurve 2524 (24 100Mbit + 1 Gbit)
  • 3 - Small power strips
  • 3 - Large power bars Tripp-Lite
  • 4 - 25-ft orange power cables
  • Black power cable w 3 outlets
  • Cat 6 UTP spool
  • 8 - Black Cat5 UTP 10ft
  • 10 - Blue Cat5 UTP 25ft
  • 10 - Blue Cat5 UTP 5ft

Owned by Cal-Chem (Cal Lobel @ Columbia Chem Dept)

  • Computer box, Dell Dimension T5500
    • dual-core xeon E5502 @ 1.8GHz
    • 1 ethernet jack
    • hardware SATA raid
      • eight SATA cables coming off of it (all have power, too)
    • 1 NIC
    • Two SATA coming straight from motherboard
    • Only four drive bays
  • Cisco ASA 5505 + power brick
  • 3Com speedstack 3
  • 2 x 48-port fast ethernet switches.

[edit] VideoTeam gear

edrz is trying to take care of these items. they are/will be tracked at: DebConf10/Videoteam/Hardware

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