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This page gathers information on the hardware we need for producing DebConf10 Videos. "From" and "To" in the tables below indicate the dates we'll have the specified gear onsite at Columbia University.


[edit] Cameras

4 needed. Must output NTSC video format via firewire.

Make Model Owner Delivered by Current location From To cheatsheet
Panasonic PV-GS300 edrz edrz VA .us 24/07 08/08 Videoteam/CheatSheets/Cameras/PV-GS300
Panasonic PV-GS320 edrz edrz VA .us 24/07 08/08 Videoteam/CheatSheets/Cameras/PV-GS320
Panasonic AG-DVX100B xfxf edrz .au  ??  ?? Videoteam/CheatSheets/Cameras/AG-DVX100B
Canon ZR-800 tassia tassia .br 25/07 05/08 Videoteam/CheatSheets/Cameras/ZR-800

[edit] Tripods

4 needed. Must be able to pan and tilt smoothly with camera attached. NB: edrz's are only barely "adequate". Better models would be nicer.

Make Model Owner Delivered by Current Location From To
Velbon Stratos 460Q bwh  ?? .uk  ??  ??
Velbon something cheap bwh  ?? .uk  ??  ??
Dolica WT3770 edrz edrz VA .us 24/07 08/08
Sunpak 6400 UT edrz edrz VA .us 24/07 08/08

[edit] VGA grabbers

We use Canopus/Grass Valley TwinPact 100 video converters to capture RGB output from presenters' laptops' VGA output and convert it to DV for use with dvswitch.

Serial Number Owner Delivered by Current Location From To
111073 DebConf edrz VA .us 24/07 08/08
 ?? DebConf simonft coffee room 15/07 08/08
 ?? DebConf Mr.Biege in transit .de -> .us 24/07 08/08

[edit] Audio gear

TODO: table-ify these

NB: Gear shipment from devil has not left .de as of 2010-07-01.

[edit] Mixers

  • big behringer, on site, in Interschool Lab
  • little behringer, at JFK awaiting customs clearance
  • edrz's yamaha, on site, in Interschool Lab

[edit] Microphones

NB: receivers required new USA wallworts (edrz has ordered and received them)

  • 4 x wireless headsets
  • 4 x wireless handhelds
  • 2 pairs of condensers

[edit] Cables

  • some are coming in the shipment from devil
  • edrz also has some

TODO: figure out rough estimates of run lengths/types based on room dimensions (already collected, not yet published)

[edit] DI boxes, etc

  • 2 x laptop out -> xlr transformer/isolator
  • 1 x balanced mixer out -> interschool unbalanced a/v rack inputs (speakers mounted on wall _should_ be adequate for PA)

[edit] PA

  • CRF has "stadium" speakers and powered mixer w/XLR line in (switchable between mic/line level). They use these whenever Davis is used for CS dept events, which includes us.

[edit] Computers

[edit] PyCon

  • 5 laptops
    • 2 core2duo for running dvswitch. bwh notes they need the proprietary nvidia drivers. CarlFK notes they work with nouveau.
    • 3 pentium M for dvsource-firewire use.
 Qty, description 
 2, Laptop: Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600  @ 2.40GHz - one on board firewire-4, 1 EC slot, 1 e-sata, 320g hd, gig-e, nVidia G96M [Quadro FX 770M]
 3, EC firewiare-6 card
 3, Laptop: Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz, 0 on board firewire, 1 cardbus slot, 80g, gig-e, ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300]
 4, PC card firewire-6 They've arrived @ edrz who will install and test in week prior to debcamp. They'll be on site on the 24th.

[edit] edrz

  • athlon II quad core, 8GB RAM, 5x640G sata, in Coffee Room (will be a ned, rod or tod)
  • "shadow" laptop, in interschool

[edit] bgupta

  • barney: quad-core xeon, 8gb ram
    • 2x750G edrz's disks for / & "extra space" on /${foo} raid1
    • 3x1TB DebConf + 1x1TB edrz for 2.8TB raid5 mounted on /srv for video dvsink-files storage
    • also encodes
  • ned: quad-core xeon
    • 1x250G PATA drive in "failed" raid1 waiting for 2nd disk from somewhere yet to be determined.
    • encoder

bgupta machine details:

[edit] Chemistry Dept. (cal)

  • dual-core xeon
    • 2x750G edrz disks raid1 9G / 670G /srv
    • icecast master
    • ezstream "replay" source from playlist of stuff stored on /srv
    • stream dumps(? how was this handled in the past?)

[edit] Storage

  • 3 1TB drives from past years have arrived from weasel -> edrz
  • edrz has 5x750GB drives of his own available
  • edrz has 1 1TB drive of his own available
  • various PATA drives also available (250G is in ned)

[edit] additional notes

Owned by Brian Gupta

  • Small
      • two ethernet, eth0 is on top
    • 8GB ram (4gb detected )
    • 6 SATA on motherboard
    • 2 internal 3.5 bays, 2 external 2.5 bays, three internal 5.25 bays. There is a _lot_ of extra space in the case.
    • Three SATA power, one free molex power. (one more molex power going to optical drive)
  • Large
    • One onboard ethernet, one ethernet on expansion card (only onboard detected)
    • six onboard SATA
    • At least seven internal 3.5 bays, four 5.25 bays
    • five free molex power adapters
    • eight free SATA power adapters
    • video cards are kind of ????
    • The VGA video card doesn't work, you should open the case and unplug the VGA one before booting.
    • You should open the case and ensure that no cables will intersect with fans before booting.
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