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[edit] General DebConf Stuff

  • Make templates for all of our announcement emails for use by future debconfs.
  • Rename Independent -> Sponsored. NHI -> Independent would be best (but may get confusing).
  • Be sure there is a list of exactly what each category means and provides, to prevent people from accidentally registering in the wrong categories.
  • It's clear that many people have problems understanding the meanings of the Penta fields and how to fill it out. This is a user-interface and documentation problem, and we should make sure to work on it for next year.
  • Rename talk tracks so that it makes more sense. (no more "official" and "unofficial". Maybe redesign the whole workflow there. Document how it works so that we don't have to explain it 200 times.)
  • Get a SVG logo when we *first* ask the sponsors. Ask for color + black and white versions.
  • "Siesta break" during the day, while museums are still open, instead of free time in the evenings when they are closed. found here (many more good thoughts at that link)
  • Compile list of when museums give free admission.

[edit] Food

  • For some nightly meals, pre-pay at certain restaurants to encourage group eating together while still eating out. Produce sign up sheets and organize groups.
  • For a day close the cafeteria were general luchs are and give everybody a university debit card so they go have food elsewhere and wander around
  • There is a farmer's market on Broadway between 114/115 every Sunday and Thursday.
    • Contract with some of them to truck in large quantities of fresh food for us to eat.
  • Bulk order bagels and cream cheese from a local shop. H&H's or Absolut Bagels (107 and bway).
    • More local shops like this.

[edit] Fun

  • For formal dinner, rent a boat and cruise around the island
  • For formal dinner, rent an entire dimsum place.
  • For formal dinner, rent the NYAS function rooms. 40th floor above downtown. (may be too expensive)

[edit] Day Trips or Day-trip Components

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Wall Street
  • Boat ride around Manhattan
  • Bus tour
  • Broadway show
  • Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • NYC Transit Museum

[edit] South Brooklyn Hoochie-Koo Proposal

  1. Coney Island beach frolicking and freakshow
  2. Brighton Beach Russian “bar mitzvah” dinner
  3. Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game @ 7pm
  4. Coney Island Fireworks ?

[edit] Local Community outreach

  • Mailing lists - call for volunteers (various Open Source communities)
  • NYLUG/LILUG presentations
  • Follow up with Columbia ACM chapter

[edit] Logos

[edit] Servers

  • Need a personal data server so people can upload data and not have to travel with it.
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