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Hi everyone. This is the DebConf10 Teams page - where we plan out who works on what. This is a good place to look to see how to get involved, since we will try to keep this up to date with where more people can fit in. However, just because there isn't a blank spot on here doesn't mean we can use your help -- instead, just see what interests you and get in contact with those in charge, they'll be glad to have you.

Brand new volunteers can look at DebConf10/NewVolunteers to start out.

This is organized as an outline hierarchy. This doesn't mean that we expect a rigid hierarchical arrangement of command, instead, it is just a planning tool: The jobs at the top are the ones that need planning farthest in advance, and thus need to be filled earliest. The higher something is in the outline, the earlier we can use someone working on it. As we get closer to DebConf, the lower jobs can start being filled in. Therefore, everything here is flexible: you can work on something at the start, hand it off to others later, rearrange as we need to closer to time.

Keep in mind that this is a flexible outline. It can be rearranged anytime doing so makes sense.

Also, sometimes related jobs are separated onto separate lines. This doesn't mean that two different people need to do them, it's just to make it easier to keep track of them. Feel free to put yourself under multiple related jobs if it makes sense.

Feel free to join a team that already has people on it! Some teams need lots of people and will never be full.

[edit] The Teams

What's a team? A branch of this outline.

  • Global
    • Organizers
    • Volunteer Recruiter (global) Recruits people to sign up for the things listed here
    • Volunteer Recruiter (local) Same as above, but New York area oriented
    • Prodders Makes sure people don't forget what they are supposed to do. Watches IRC/mailing lists, Follows up on action items from meetings and makes sure they get done
    • Website (Jimmy, Damyan)
    • Pentabarf Our conference management system (Jimmy, Clint, dkg)
  • Fundraising/Budget
    • Fundraising team lead: DrDub
    • Fundraising team members Hydroxide, bgupta, kris, Sledge, h01ger, _hc, leslo, Clint, zumbi + (many)
    • Local sponsorship Find out how to get local organizations to donate time/equipment/labor and so on.
    • Budget planner Keeps awareness of our costs and incomes, and ensure we don't exceed our budget
    • Budget keeper Makes sure that past/present/future expenses and incomes get recorded and not forgotten.
  • Bursary Giving out money to attendees
    • Team lead:
    • Accommodation allocation sponsorship If we have more requests for accommodation than we have funding for, decide among them
      • rating team members?
    • Travel sponsorship lead: schultmc
      • Travel sponsorship team members: bubulle, an3as, faw, treinen, karora, luciano, gwolf, tiagovaz, DrDub, micah, clint, kris
      • rating team members?
        • Team members abstain from rating themselves.
    • alias for all bursary team members: (not publicly archived)
  • Talks
    • Team members: biella, micah, _hc, dkg, kris, azeem, ana, gwolf, DrDub, Hydroxide, an3as
    • DebConf10/CallForContributions
    • Session chairs coordinator
    • Talk selection team lead
      • Talk rating team members
    • Proceedings Formal paper copy of talk abstracts and papers
    • Scheduler
    • Venue coordinator Works with scheduler and video team to make sure that the talk rooms will have everything that they need
      • Daily Logistics People who, on each day, making sure rooms are open, ready for talks, and generally making sure stuff doesn't break, and finding someone to fix stuff that does break
    • DebianDay organizers (Debian Day is a day for non-technical decision makers to come and hear about the benefits of Debian and Free Software)
      • DebianDay advertisers (try to get a big audience)
    • alias for all talks team members: (not publicly archived)
  • Video
    • See Videoteam. The video team has LOTS of jobs that can take a few hours of time over a day, and they provide all the training you need.
    • If you are committing to video please add yourself to the team member list
  • Venue
    • Command Center Coordinator Maintain awareness of everything going on, dispatch people as needed
      • Front Desk volunteers (Many people every day)
    • Departmental contacts Inside contact to each of these departments. Get use of space, loans of hardware, storage space, server/workstation hosting, securing 24/7 access, setting up hacklabs, ...
      • CS Department 'Computer science room reservations, clean up, access for attendees, etc
      • EE Department
      • CUIT
      • Other departments
      • Registrar's office Reservations of classrooms
    • Networking
      • Columbia contact Work with the facilities around the university to understand what exists, and what we might need to improve'
      • Wireless Test wireless around various places, see what we need to supplement
    • Hacklabs Make sure that we'll have enough space, networking, and power to hold everyone. Work with departmental contacts to find more space if needed
    • Space Make sure we have space for storage, the central command center, storage.
    • Talk rooms Make sure that we have enough talk rooms. Work with registrar's office and departments to get extra rooms as needed
    • 24-hour access Someone to work out issues related to being there overnight
      • Overnight supervision
  • Food!
    • Food planners Find caterers, decide how food will work, etc
      • Daily Logistics Be there to meet caterers, sure food gets set up and served each day, handle food tickets, ...
    • Food Tickets Work to make some sort of food ticket system

  • Accommodation/Travel/Visas
    • Columbia Housing Contact Interface with the housing office and make sure everything gets set up there
      • Housing assignments Assign people to rooms, talking into account what rooms we have and what people's preferences are
      • Check-in help Be around the residence halls during check in to answer any questions attendees have
    • Travel Coordinator Make attendees get directions from airport to venue, answer questions, and generally make it easy for everyone
    • Visa Team lead: Frank
  • Activities
    • Local Area Experts Make lists of area attractions, eating, etc, and help attendees in there quests to experience these things
      • Morningside Heights Expert
    • Day Trip Planners
      • Day trip planner: location
      • Day trip planner: food(?)
      • Day trip planner: entertainment
    • Conference Dinner Planners
      • Conference dinner: location
      • Conference dinner: catering
      • Conference dinner: entertainment
  • DebConf10/ConferenceVolunteers describes things that happen once people arrive, and to help them arrive: helping attendees get to the venue, front desk, volunteers for each night, etc.
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