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This page describes some of the things volunteers can help with at the actual conference whether or not they have been involved in any of the pre-conference planning.


[edit] Cable Crimpers

  • Cable crimpers (people to crimp cable)

[edit] Front Desk

  • Staff the registration/information desk at the venue.
  • Greet attendees, register them, hand out schwag
  • Help with recommendations for local area and NYC attractions.
  • Monitor access into and out of Mudd during the times the building is closed
  • This is sitting at a desk, but it is close to a hacklab. You can get plenty of hacking done while working here.
  • Schedule: Mid-week DebCamp to o

[edit] Talk Room persons

  • Make sure talks start and stop on time

[edit] Hacklab supervisors

  • Monitor attendees in hacklabs during the day and late at night.
  • Check badges upon entrance to the CS area. (This part starts at 0900 each day)
  • This may seem boring, but can be done while hacking there - we just need to know someone is in change and can call us with any problems.
  • Schedule: Required: 1700 to 2100 weekdays, 0900 to 2100 weekends (or whenever we use CS), DebConf only.

[edit] Runners

  • some things just don't move over the network

[edit] Tour guides

  • Local volunteers to hang with attendees after meeting in evenings

[edit] Clean Up

  • Clean Up
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