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This page collects the different resources we have for our use at Columbia.


[edit] How to help here

We need contacts in as many departments/groups as possible. These contacts should be able to help us get use of space, donations, and in general be a contact that helps us secure more resources to use. Hopefully (but not required) they can be around during the conference to help manage these things.

  • Computer Science (Devendra, CS faculty)
  • CUIT
  • Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
  • Chemistry (Richard)
  • Physics (Jamie)
  • Applied Physics

[edit] Things we are still looking for

  • Hackspace (a large area that we can set up as a work room. Will have tables, chairs, network, and power for many laptops. We need on the order of 100 more seats here.
  • Talk rooms (for free! We could use another large room or two, in the Mudd area).
  • Audio/Video equipment loans
  • Hardware loans (ethernet switches, power strips, ethernet cables)
  • Furnishing loans (tables, chairs, podiums, and so on...)
  • People to help us secure 24/7 access to at least one hacklab.

[edit] What we have so far


  • Davis Auditorium (stage, projector, sound, 200 people) Has a nice lobby which could be used for tables/light snacks.
  • Schapiro 414 (seminar room, 30 people, BOFs, projector, screen)
  • Interschool Lab (75 people, can't use after 17:30 most likely)
  • Computer science lounges (hackspace, 50-75 people, needs more chairs)
  • Computer science courtyard (hackspace/social events, 100-150 people)
  • Carleton lounge and cafeteria (100-150 people, tables/chairs, food service area, needs more chairs.)
  • Havemeyer 309 (Large lecture hall, Saturday/Sunday/Saturday around DebConf, 350 person auditorium, different building.)
  • Carman lounge - we can use it informally, but is not very well equipped for hacking. Not too many tables and chairs already, and we can't set up permanent tables and things without extra fees.
  • Furnald lounge - about the same as above.
 * For both lounges: we can bring in wireless APs
 * For both lounges: they may be comfortable as-is for 10-20 people in each, but not much more than that unless people sit on the floor and stuff.
 * For both lounges: people should bring power strips for them.

Tech facilities:

  • Chemistry cluster room (server hosting, gigabit link to campus network and 24/7 access)
  • Computer Science "Coffee room" (it's really a small server room) for hosting computers. 24/7 access.

[edit] Building hours and security

When we use a building after hours, we will need to hire security for it. The rate is about $50/hour for business hours (08:00-16:00) and $55/hour other times.

Location Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday
Mudd 9AM-7PM 9AM-5PM 12PM-5PM Closed
Havemeyer 8AM-8PM 8AM-8PM 8:30AM-12:30PM Closed
Schapiro 8:30AM-6PM 8:30AM-6PM Closed Closed

NB: these are the usual CU hours for these buildings. This page will be updated later with the practical access schedule for attendees. If needed and funds are available additional security staffing might be paid for to extend the hours.

[edit] Room Furnishings

Please use this page for planning, and then update DebConf10/SuppliesNeeded with the actual easy-to-read quote we'll ask for from rental places.

Room What it has already What we want to order
Carleton Lounge 14 round tables, 4 two-person sofa things, ~30(FIXME) chairs (can share extra tables/chairs with carleton)
Carleton Cafeteria two round tables, 17 square tables, 65 chairs, 10 high chairs with counter space, see other page
Mudd lobby Nothing One 8x2.5 table, 3-4 chairs, tablecloth, some other decorations maybe
CS Lounge 7 round tables, 4 2x5 tables, 1 2x4 table, 45 chairs, 1 two-person sofa, 1 one-person easy chair 2 8ft rectangular tables, 20 chairs.
CS Courtyard 20 chairs, 4 round tables with umbrellas, 6 three-person wooden benches. 10 8x2.5 tables would take up about half the courtyard, 80 chairs. Seating for 100 (FIXME: this amount isn't needed if we aren't planning on using this space for either eating or hacking.)
CS Conference Room One conference table and ~25(FIXME) chairs, 10-15 along table and rest along walls. We can only use this for talks, no hacking and stuff. (none)
Davis Auditorium No furniture One 8ft table and tablecloth for stage, one 6x2.5 table for video people near back.
Davis Auditorium Lobby No furnishings ??? do we want a few tables and stuff?
414 Schapiro 42 chairs, 3 3x6 tables (none)
Interschool lab 70-80 chairs and two large rectangular tables. Speaker lighting (Two lighting stands), tablecloth for table at front.
  • DebCamp and DebConf deliveries:
    • Two deliveries: Friday, July 23rd, and Friday, July 30th. Pick-up on Sunday, Aug 8 or Monday, Aug 9th.
  • Are tables/chairs weatherproof (for CS courtyard)?
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