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Various informational resources related to Columbia University and the surrounding area are collected here.


[edit] Online resources

[edit] Accommodations

You can not receive mail on campus. If you must ship something, please contact the organizers.

We have two buildings available, Carman and Furnald.

  • Furnald ("the single room building")
    • Furnald is mostly single rooms, with one or two doubles per floor.
    • Furnald has one male and one female bathroom per floor. They are shared among all residents on that floor.
    • There are 28 people per floor (approx.).
    • Furnald is architecturally nicer.
    • Each floor has a lounge with a TV and kitchen facilities.
    • We will likely have all of Furnald to ourselves. There are 200-250 people in this building.
    • Furnald has reserved Americans with Disabilities Act compliant rooms.
    • Tentative: This is the only building we'll have during DebCamp.
    • Floor plans and more info. We don't know what floors we will be on.
    • To turn on the airconditioning, press down on the back of the left panel on the old heater-looking thing in front of the window, turn the fan speed dial to high/med/low and the temperature dial to cool/cold (or warm if desired).
  • Carman ("the double room building")
    • Rooms are double. There are two double rooms to a suite, and a suite shares a bathroom. Thus, there are four people per bathroom, and bathrooms are private among four people.
    • There are an extremely limited number of singles in Carman with a private bathroom.
    • There are 55 people per floor in Carman (approx).
    • Carman will be shared with other non-DebConf groups. The total size of Carman is ~600 people, we may have 100-200 people here.
    • There are two small kitchens in the entire building, none of which are likely to be on our floors.
    • There is a very small lounge with a TV on each floor.
    • Floor plans and more info. We don't know what floors we will be on.

When making a roommate preference, remember to not be overly specific, or else it can't be satisfied and our room allocators will be frustrated.

  • there are coin-laundry machines.

[edit] Things to hand out to attendees/have on hand

  • MTA Subway maps
    • Also get a few bigger maps to hang in the residence halls and venues
  • NYC Bike Maps, pointers to bike rentals

[edit] Activities and Entertainment

  • crazy monkeys BoF

[edit] Nearby electronics/computer equipment

  • Staples (office equipment, some computer parts): 105 W 125th St. (at Lenox), +1.212.864.5747
  • Radio Shack (electronics, some components, some computer equipment):

2812 Broadway @ 108th St, +1.212.662.7332 319 W 125th St. (at Manhattan), +1.917.493.7973

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