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TALK MEISTER! (a noble noble volunteer position).

So we need folks to help make sure that talks go smoothly! As talk-meister, your responsibilities are as follows:

See TalkModeratorCheatSheets

  • Introduce the speaker.
  • Provide water to the speaker.
  • Start on time, stop on time.
  • Let the speaker know they have 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and no minutes left. And enforce this. There will be signs in each room.
  • Let the speaker now they will have $timeslot minus 5 minutes available for their talk, so that people (videoteam & attendees) have a moment to breathe and change rooms. This is important. All hour long talks are really 55 minutes so that we have a 5 minute period to change rooms and to give the video team a chance to breathe for a moment.
  • Helping with the question and answer session: reminding the audience that they need to use the microphone because the session is being recorded, picking folks, giving them the mic if needed
  • Working with the video team to make sure the A/V is working. The A/V must work for the video streaming to work so the video team will make sure this but it is good to check in with them.

Logistics for signing up

  • Look at the full schedule here and decide what talks you would like to sign up for.
  • Since the schedule may change, we are not putting talk names on the sign up sheet, only room and time. Check back to see if the talks have changed.
  • Ideally we would like one person to talk-meister at least 2 talks in a row, even 3 if you can. If you can't that is OK but that would definitely help us as it will be otherwise hard to fill in the slots.
  • Sign up below. The talks are divided by day/date and room. The day's schedule is provided on each sign up page.

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