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Milano Market, 2992 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 (212)665-9500,default,pg.html

Codename Cuisine Lunch format Dinner format Labor Lead time for meal counts Kitchen access required Cook & serve logistics Coeliac Halal Kosher Vegan Vegetarian Breakfast cost Lunch cost Dinner cost Labor cost Other costs
Charlie "They cook a variety of options, and would make an effort to include various types of ethnic foods from around NYC." Hot platters? + sandwiches Hot platters? + sandwiches "He would provide someone on-site with proper certifications." "Day before" N ??? ? ? Subcontract N Y $4.75/person ~10-12/person (estimated) ~10-12/person (estimated) $100/lunch, $125/dinner ???
Charlie Foxtrot "Health and goodness, not fanciness" ??? ??? ??? ??? N Cooked on LES, trucked in, leftovers fed to homeless ? ? N Y Y ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Chocolate Nouveau american Hot main, Side, Dessert Hot main, Side, Dessert ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ? Y, Extra cost Y, Extra cost Y, Extra cost ??? 18-33/person (diet-restricted on high end) minus "substantial discount" 28-55/person (diet-restricted on high end) minus "substantial discount" ??? ???
Bravo Nouveau american Sandwich/salad/main+salad+bread main+2 sides+dessert ??? >=24 hours ??? ???, delivery from midtown ? ? ? ? ? $3.85-$14.03/person 11/person 16.50/person ??? ???
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