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This page contains agendas and links to meeting minutes for DebConf10 IRC and Real Life organizational meetings. For each meeting we collect agenda items prior to the meeting here. As soon as possible after the meeting we try to mail meeting minutes to the relevant lists. Then links are added for each meeting to said minute mail as well as the meetbot logs.


[edit] Local Team, Sunday July 11th, 17:00 EDT (17:00 EDT) @ Micah's and Biella (we will order food)

  • General run-through of how things should work, arrival to departure, coming back to decisions and discussions later
    • DebCamp arrival
    • DebCamp
    • DebConf arrival/weekend
    • DebConf
    • DebConf departure
  • Report-backs on specific areas that need to happen before conf. - general outline by coordinator of what should happen and when, solicit help with unassigned tasks (these things should not to do it soley by emself)
  • Areas we need someone to bottom-line/coordinate still
  • Sponsor wrangling
  • Non-critical fun stuff we could do:
    • Monkeysphere auth for DC10 infrastructure
    • Asterisk server, VoIP extensions for each attendee
  • AOB
  • next meeting

whiteboard notes

[edit] Global Team, Sat July 10th, 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT)

  • Report backs
    • Current budget situation
    • Accommodation
    • Talks, JJ and security schedules
    • T-shirt and bag status
    • Volunteer coordination (biella)
    • Arrivals coordinator
  • Decisions and Discussions
    • Funding 100% of queue A
      • Queue B and Queue C next steps
    • Arrival weekend food
    • DebCamp weekday food
    • debian day
    • wrap up day trip decisions
    • AOB
    • next meeting

meetbot logs

[edit] Local Team, Mon July 5th, 20:00 UTC (16:00 EDT)

  • business
  • AOB
  • Volunteer coordination at Debcamp and Debconf ---> what do we need people for (biella will coordinate this)
  • Next meeting
  • Confirm that all attendees will have security access to get into Carleton Lounge
  • Why Carleton Lounge is so hot
  • Why are there only two AC outlets in Carleton Lounge
  • Do the cleaning standards we need to maintain correspond to the current garbage-on-the-floor condition of Carleton Cafeteria

whiteboard notes

[edit] Global Team, Mon July 5th, 21:00 UTC (17:00 EDT)

The meeting should end in an hour.

  • tshirt status
    • Do we want to sell shirts on Debian Day? Might not be a huge fundraising win, but it certainly will be good from a marketing aspect.
      • If we do decide to do this, we need to consider a separate shirt design.
    • Budget update:
      • Corporate sponsors
      • Bursary (finalize decisions?)
      • Overall
      • Request extra money from Debian
    • daytrip status
    • debian day status
    • schedule status (talks etc)
    • sponsorship status (group a+b)
    • insurance of gear
    • Food update
      • Weekday meals
      • Weekend meals
      • Conference dinner
      • Food during daytrip
    • Outreach update
  • AOB
  • Next meeting

meetbot logs summary mail

[edit] Global Team, Sun June 20th, 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT)

  • Budget status and estimates
  • Talks team report  ?
  • Travel sponsorship report ?
  • Report from CU Meetings
    • CUIT
    • CRF
  • food
    • JJ
    • Kilo
    • others caterers
    • courtyard
    • split plan: catered debcamp->DebianDay+formal dinner as kickoff night event / JJ for DebConf
  • bags, banners, t-shirts, other schwag to be bought
  • special needs status (wheelchair access, etc.)
  • ACTION: gwolf commits to coordinate dc12 presentatation stuff for dc10
  • AOB
  • next meeting


[edit] DC10 Local Team, Sunday June 6th, 15:00 EDT

  • Tour of venue locations
  • Discussion of access issues: what to use overnight and all?
    • security
  • Extra furnishings to rent.
  • Food: discuss catering quotes
  • Debian Day
  • Network discussion
  • Jobs we need
    • t-shirt shopper
    • Person to look at trinkets like mugs
  • AOB
  • next meeting


[edit] Global Team, Sat June 5th, 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT)

  • Budget status and estimates
    • Number of sponsored people
  • Scheduling: Volunteers?
  • How shall we run "unscheduled" events on-site? Who can manage this?
  • tshirts, banners, other stuff to be printed, etc.
  • Would someone like to work on proceedings?
  • do we want to send one reconfirmation reminder? (inclusive attendance vs budget issues)
  • Earmarked fundraising for travel sponsorships?
  • AOB
  • next meeting

minutes, logs

[edit] talks team meeting Wednesday 2010-06-02_23:00UTC (7pm NYC time)

Meet on #debconf-team. local talks team folks will also be in person. Sensitive/private discussion of the "middle third" will take place on #debconf-talks, which will not be logged as part of the regular meeting notes to encourage candid discussion.

  • outline cut process
    • 3 to 6 plenaries -- these should be as close to unanimous as possible.
    • with 6 plenaries (one per day), we'd have 6 hour-long slots per day in two rooms: 72 talks can be approved.
    • we have 116 events that have not already been canceled. of those, 10 of them are not relevant to scheduling.
    • Accept the top 50 talks
    • Reject the bottom 30
    • go through remaining 26 with 60 to 120s each.
  • notify people
  • plan scheduling process

Minutes Minutes (text) log

[edit] talks team meeting Wednesday 2010-05-26_23:00UTC (7pm NYC time)

Meet on #debconf-team. local talks team folks will also be in person.

  • discuss review process:
    • relevance, actuality, acceptance -- making sure we're all on the same page
    • scoring calculation concerns
    • process -- what works well, what doesn't?
    • disagreements worth discussing?
    • contacting people to ask expansion / clarification of their abstracts (eg, as Ana has been doing)
  • discuss cut process
    • terminology (official/unofficial, etc)
    • 72 talks overall?
    • what to do about evening/after-hours/social events?
    • what to do about (daily?) all-conference events
    • how to notify people of a decision
  • particular talks
    • outstanding concerns
    • contact/followup approach
  • tracks
    • quick review of existing tracks
    • contact/followup approach
  • scheduling? (is this outside our jurisdiction?)
  • next steps

Minutes Minutes (text) Log

[edit] Global team meeting 19:00 UTC Saturday, May 22nd

  • $agenda_item
  • reconfirmation theoretically june 1 - plz to email? (and extend?)
  • talks selection team status check (already past publicized date)
  • bursary team status check (already way past publicized first-decisions date)
  • possibly request a few meritorious bursary exceptions via dpl(/joeyh?)
  • fundraising status and plans
    • sponsorbag logistics
  • other attendee communications?
  • local team relationship with global team - get everyone on the same page
  • Any other business
  • Next Meeting

[edit] Local team meeting: Thursday, 13th May, 2010 7pm at CU

[edit] Prose-y notes

[edit] Outline-y notes

  • What, if any, local outreach do we want to do to local NYC tech groups, both for volunteers, and putting the word out for Debian day.
    • Let local groups know about our orgazational meetings
    • Volunteer coordination page (for local groups and attendees): front desk (2x all times), check-in stations (one team)
    • See "w.d.o/wiki/Jobs" section "Conference Volunteers" for more ideas of this.
    • "Organizers" (figure out what to do) vs "volunteers" (do a given task), but of course it's much more fuzzy than that.
    • Wiki pages:
      • Jobs page: remove it (or mark it as old)
      • NewVolunteers page: this page is target towards getting "organizers"
      • new page: ConferenceVolunteers: lists and sign up areas for people who want to be given a job, but not do detailed in advance planning.
  • Sponsorship update.
    • Local sponsors
    • Brian sends out an email asking for volunteers and so on.
    • Pablo gets a sponsorship blurb into the emails that Brian sends out
    • Still about 30k short (plus whatever we do for bursary)
  • Press?
    • National?
    • Local?
      • dkg has 2 contacts
      • Get us on the Columbia calendar (Jonah)
      • Jonah: journalism school
  • Day trip status. Do we want to provide an alternative for folks that aren't into sports? Maybe something like a statue of liberty trip?
    • We need to emphasize that the day trip is Coney Island, not a baseball game. There will be much there.
    • What happens if it rains? Backup plan? Aquarium?
  • Local speaker outreach update
    • Wietse, Rich Hickey - no progress yet
    • Outreach to columbia community - jrollins, jonah
    • RMS can't make it, but someone else from the FSF might be able to.
  • Food
  • NYC & Co.: """I can send you Official Visitor Guides, Maps and
  • Delegate discounts. Can you tell me how many you would need and where they can be shipped?"""
    • What discounts can they get us? Group or individual stuff we can hand out? Send a list of possible discounts to debconf-team or debconf10-localteam, and we'll see what we may be interested in.
  • Talks
    • Four tracks are going strong, maybe a fifth.
    • bgupta has a contact for the Community track. (look into debian-project and debian-edu for people or ideas about the community track)
  • Video
    • local NYC preconf "how to do video stuff with free sw" ?
    • talk to forest (braindump at irc)
    • PyCon has some stuff that they can possible loan us.
  • Venue stuff
    • Make checklists for venue things that people can work off of.
    • Focus on: Networking, rooms, overnight access, computers
    • Hacklabs: Power,
  • Any other business
  • Next Meeting

[edit] Global Team, Wed, April 28, 20:00UTC

  • Day trip: spend $2000 for baseball game
  • Budget: How much can we afford?
  • Linux Journal Ad due May 4th, who knew?
  • Getting people at columbia interested in video team work
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting

[edit] Local Team meeting, Saturday April 24th, 2010

  • food
    • Make a list of parameters we want:
    • Make a wiki page (above) that is a checklist for vendors, and people to give to vendors
    • (check cooking schools?)
    • about 300 people? $10/meal?
    • bagels for breakfast every day? Other light breakfast ideas? (alternative needed for hypoglycemic + gluten intolerant eaters)
  • fundraising
    • ideas
      • try mailing debiannyc@l.v.o, local nyc techs, controlgroup,
    • Anyone who would like to help (and please do!), talk to DrDub
  • budget stuff
    • get frontaccounting working. If it's not soon, make a wiki page.
    • more importantly, get documentation of the system
  • talks
    • rough schedule/number of talks. 7 per day in two rooms. We can always add more rooms and slots later.
    • agreed: need more talks submitted
    • TODO: mail out to debian lists searching for talks.
      • jimmy forwards talk team announcement to d-d-a and dc-a (done)
    • tracks: figure out what some tracks might be, propose/encourage people to act as track coordinator -- dkg
    • Target people to lead tracks and mail them.
  • columbia area
    • richard could use another person to work with him to email people, etc.
    • need lounges for hackspace
    • jrollins: ask about physics lecture halls (ed: top floor library/lounge area?) avery basement (school of architecture) and philosphy 301

teacher's college

    • room tally
      • CS spaces / Carleton / Schapiro
    • columbia area meeting
      • we NEED a meeting soon
      • get a room and put on an informational meeting
      • meeting for local people
    • Outreach to the rest of columbia
      • jonah: we have this huge conference coming to Columbia, and most people don't know.
      • Spirit of freedom is not strong enough at columbia among students: commercialization instead.
      • We should outreach, to mitigate the venture capital kind of attitude.
      • Outreach groups: ACM, classes, ... Harder because it is during the summer.
      • After our local team meeting, we should have a broader outreach meeting for the community
  • day trip orga
    • when are we buying tickets / reserving anything that needs to be reserved
    • TODO: wiki page documenting daytrip plan costs involved per person, which items to be sponsored can be decided later
    • logistics issues
      • Proposal to global team: buy 200 tickets at $10/ticket.
  • debian day
    • jimmy contacts SFLC
      • brad kuhn
    • foreign language outreach - pablo
  • "mixer" idea - part of outreach
    • exhibition space?
    • helps to get access to other people's sponsors
    • Example: have a one night "party" at Eyebeam. Each group showcases their stuff. Could be funded by Eyebeam's sponsors.

[edit] Global Team, Wed, March 31, 20:00UTC

  • Sponsorship
    • team assembly
    • decision process
  • Talks/contributions selection
    • global/local coordination/involvement
    • description of past process
    • localteam's plans and ideas for additions/improvements to process
    • dates
  • openday/debianday
    • who/what/where/when
  • registration numbers check
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting

[edit] Global Team, Wed, March 17, 21:00UTC

  • DC9
    • final report press release
    • sponsor thanking status (sponsor bag replacement)
    • any remaining business?
  • DC11
    • Press release / other announcement
  • DC10
    • Registration status
    • CFP status
    • Local team meeting summary
    • What else needs to get done soon, that isn't in progress
      • Fundraising efforts for governmental sources
    • attendee sponsorship decision
      • recruiting decision team
      • process
      • choosing date (localteam proposed April 17th, 2 days after registration deadline)
  • Next meeting

[edit] Local Team, Sat, March 13, 13:00 EST

  • introductions
    • no new volunteers
  • reports from teams
    • talks
      • call for papers is on the wiki. also some related pages describing terms related to this week and page for ideas
      • most importantly, we are trying to get more than just talks: debates, art installations, workshops, other interesting contributions ...
      • brainstorming page is for both proposing things, and going there to look ideas for you to _give_ someone else's idea of a talk.
      • see various emails to the lists
      • invited one speaker (Eben Moglen) and he also wanted SFLC to be involved (which we want too)
      • platinum sponsors have bought the ability to present a sponsored free software talk
      • various penta things need to be done (drop down list needs to be changed) ACTION
      • some global people will help with things like selecting talks
      • What address to be used to reach the talk team? list or not? something with minimal transparency is desired: .. If you reply to something from here, reply and CC Redirect questions to the broader list if they apply there.
      • When is the deadline? (sponsorship deadline is april 15th but that doesn't have to be it)
      • discussion of talk selection date: May 15? May 20? deadline for submissions: April 15? May 1?
      • tentative decision: may 1 for submissions deadline
      • talk selection retreat idea discussed
      • second CfP: where to send to / who sends it from/what return address? send from ""
    • Sponsorship
      • if we don't get money we will eat ramen noodles (but not high-quality ramen noodles) for a week
      • corporate stuff is ongoing, many former sponsors have been mailed.
      • We could use some government contacts. Who knows gov contacts whom can get things? Biella has some ideas. But in the US government funding is much less than other countries.
      • Once you get some big names, it's easier to go after smaller sponsors.
      • there is money at columbia for things students are involved in. That is a possible funding source, if you can get something involved that benefits the students.
      • Biella will contact ACM at NYU.
      • If you want to get _your_ company to sponsor, contact pablo and he can give you information about it. There are lots of ideas here (not listed in the notes)
      • Other universities might sponsor?
      • Follow-up from DC9 - still trying to send out thank-yous
      • Postpone decision of sponsorship decision timeline until next meeting
      • Next meeting at: target to the weekends after the sponsorship deadline (April 15th)
      • Reconfirmation deadline and it's interactions with the various forms of sponsorship. DECIDED: June 1st is reconfirmation deadline.
      • Deciding reconfirmation dates is hard. See below for a decided timeline
    • T-shirts
      • what about an option to buy a t-shirt without sponsorship on it? Best to not annoy sponsors, we could say "everyone gets shirts with sponsors, you can buy one without sponsorship if you want".
    • Day trip
      • What day? Friday is coney island fireworks.
      • Coney island game+fireworks (fireworks at 2100 or 2130)? (What if this was the conference dinner instead?) Combine coney island and the formal dinner together?
      • Rain contingency plan?
      • The only reservation is that Friday isn't in the middle of the week
      • Group baseball tickets need three weeks notice and you get lots of nice perks.
      • Coney island (D 125th -> Stillwell is accessible)
      • DECIDED: daytrip Wednesday, Coney island plan.
      • Should plan a DebianNYC event to Coney Island to test it out and make plans and all.
    • Food
      • We can use the cafeteria to serve our own food (we can't use our own stuff there)
      • What breakfast options are there around the morning? What other locations around are there?
    • Registration stuff
      • discussion: We need a category that caters more towards corporate people whom don't
      • Sell something like SFLC membership with registration, to make prof attendees feel good? Other things to make prof registration above and beyond actual cost more attractive.
    • Next meeting agenda
      • Check in with groups who report back
      • Discussion about the food
  • Timeline:
    • March 17 - Registration reminder email
    • April 15 - registration for sponsorship
    • April 17 - Event submission reminder
    • April 17 - bursary committee decides who gets sponsorship money (first pass)
    • May 1 - Talk submission deadline
    • May 20 - Talk committee says "yes or no to talks"; Reconfirmation reminder mail
    • June 1 - Reconfirmation deadline
    • June 15- Publish schedule; Preliminary housing assignments (shown to attendees)
    • July 1 - Housing numbers confirmed
    • July 9 - Send housing numbers to CUHousing

[edit] Local Team, Feb 14th, 2010

  • How do we make decisions?
    • Broad decision making criteria:
      • delegate decisions to teams: Each group will be empowered to make individual decisions, and update current status via email
      • strive for consensus
      • acknowledge and address dissent post decisions (in the case that quick decisions have to be made without larger group consensus, if people later have problems with the decision, we agreed to address/revisit those decisions)
      • People avoid making financial commitments without full local teamconsensus. The idea is to head off situations where some people think they should buy/commit something and then there are issues forreimbursements.
  • How are our decision making is impacted by "The Global Team"?

Typically, discussion happens. Global team typically defers to local team (ie. those people who are doing the work), if there is a disagreement, generally there is discussion and a consensus is reached. SPI (Software in the Public Interest) people are part of the local team. schultmc has root access to the global team infrastructure

  • Teams and Delegation: The idea here is to get people in charge of various tasks

Teams are self-identified, if we dont have anyone for the teams, then we need to find people. - this is a list of things that need to get done. Things under global team, someone outside of us can do... There are some overlaping teams (accomodation, venue, travel are pretty overlapping)

    • Global team (local people can do this!): Micah, Mr. Biege, Hydroxide
    • Fundraising/Budget: Gets money in from corporate sponsors fundraising: Pablo, Hans, Mike, Greg
    • Sponsorship/Bursary, Visas, letter of invitation: frank bynum, hydroxide: travel/food/lodging costs are subsidizing - micah, clint, kris
    • Food/Catering: will lead an initial conversation about food and catering, and then the team should go off and explore: biella, simon, hyrdroxide, gregg
    • Talks: selecting talks, making schedule, making sure that things run on the day, call for papers/BoFs done as soon as possible, affiliated

tutorials/workshops/contributing to debian community, hans suggests call-out for free software and art... session chairs: biella, dkg,micah, gregg, hans, kris

    • Video: people who record things with cameras, annotation, publication, editing, etc. there has been good infrastructure, including streaming. simon volunteer to help with this... biella volunteers someone who is not here: luis. edrz, probably forest
    • Venue: jerermy, simon, hydroxide, richard, clint, gregg, dkg
    • Accomodation (hotels/sponsored accomodations): room assignments, room sharing, coordination with columbia housing and alternative options.
    • Local area experts (travel coordination, etc.), day trip planning: jimmy, hans, biella, jeremy
    • Activities [day trip, conference dinner, local activities, restaurants]: biella, clint, simon, hans, hydroxide, jermey, dr. dub
    • Publicity: biella, dr. dub, madduck
    • Diversity (gender, and more!): biella, dr. dub, micah
  • Sponsor bags

Reached a decision about the sponsor bags from last year (contents, people to send)

  • Next meeting

Individual groups need to self-coordinate and meet, then come back to the larger group to report back, and regular once a month meetings, perhaps accelerating. Use local team list with [Subjects on mailing list]

  • Finish sponsor pack: Dr. Dub did it!
  • boycott US discussion: Discussion about how to respond to people who keep saying they wish to boycott the US. Notes are weak, we solved it though.

[edit] Global Team, Feb 17, 21:00UTC

  • DC9
    • Sponsor bags: Steps needed to make them happen (DrDub)
    • Does marga need help with final report stuff?
  • DC11 (for each bid)
    • Localteams have questions about their arrangements?
    • Others have questions for the bids?
  • DC10
    • Talk sessions - need to establish who does what to make this happen.
    • Team assignments/filling out the DebConf10/Teams page.
    • What else needs to get done soon, that isn't in progress/have a leader
  • Next meeting
  • After-meeting: free from discussion with new localteam members and past organizers, about any plans we have so far.

[edit] Global Team meeting, Wed, Feb 3 2010 21:00-22:00 UTC

[edit] dc9

  • Final report status check
  • Remaining corporate sponsors status check

[edit] dc11

  • Status check of each of the three bids

[edit] dc10

  • Brief status reports:
    • Update re Columbia housing meeting (MrBeige)
    • Corporate sponsorship team, brochure, etc (DrDub or Hydroxide)
    • Registration & CfP status (Hydroxide)
  • Main discussion item
    • Session chairs proposal (MrBeige)
  • Next meeting (four weeks later? is there a reason to do sooner?)

[edit] Global Team meeting, Wed, Jan 20 2010 21:00-22:00 UTC

[edit] dc9

  • Final report status check
  • Remaining corporate sponsors status check

[edit] dc11

  • Status check of each of the three bids
  • Reminder of decision meeting date/time/IRC-channel

[edit] dc10

  • Brief status reports:
    • Columbia housing arrangements (MrBeige)
    • Corporate sponsorship team, brochure, etc (DrDub)
    • Visa progress (iriefrank if present, otherwise Hydroxide)
    • Penta hackability progress (Ganneff or Hydroxide)
  • Main discussion items
    • Registration proposal (see debconf-team mailing list)
    • CfP proposal (to be written and sent to debconf-team list)

[edit] Global Team meeting, Wed, Dec 16 2009 21:00-22:00 UTC

[edit] dc9

  • Final report
  • Finishing up last corporate sponsors

[edit] dc10

  • Brief status reports:
    • cletus aka (Ganneff)
    • admin team membership change(s) (Ganneff)
    • Corporate sponsorship levels (Hydroxide)
    • Potential sponsor brochure (traditionally "sponsor pack")
  • Brief discussion item
    • Frank's visa stuff: state department list of attendees.
  • Main discussion items
    • Registration timeline
    • CfP timeline
      • Getting new people to review talks (MrBeige)

[edit] Other

  • Do we want to send a reminder email for dc11 proposals?

[edit] Global Team meeting, Wed, November 18, 2009 21:00-22:00 UTC

[edit] dc9

  • Final report.
  • unpaid invoices (either receivable or payable)

[edit] dc10

  • Status report from local team
  • Corporate sponsorship
    • Levels
    • Other offerings to/from sponsors?
    • Sponsor pack
  • Teams recomposition? (ensuring all teams have enough manpower on site!)
  • Decide timelines incl. opening dates & deadlines
    • Call for papers (2 deadlines?)
    • Sponsored registration (food, lodging, travel)
  • Next meeting (by default December 16, 2009 21:00-22:00 UTC)

Meeting Notes

[edit] Global Team meeting, October 21, 2009 21:00-22:00 UTC

[edit] dc9

  • Final report. (what license? we should ask contributers to say "yes" when they send text)
  • unpaid invoices, who is tracking this?

[edit] dc10

  • Status report from local team
    • We has dates!
    • Press timeline proposal
      • Announcement to Debian/DebConf community (by Friday Oct 23rd)
      • Announcement to the US and global tech media (target Friday Oct 30th)
      • Other announcements (LUGs etc) will be ongoing
    • Site visit report from October 16-17
  • Corporate sponsorship (we already have some sponsor responses to do)
    • Levels?
    • Other offerings to/from sponsors?
    • Assemble sponsor team
    • Sponsor pack
  • Decide timelines incl. opening dates & deadlines
    • Call for papers (2 deadlines?)
    • Sponsored registration (food, lodging, travel)
  • Next meeting (whether approx or exact)

Meeting notes

[edit] Local Team meeting, 2009 July 12 16:00 EDT (20:00 UTC)

  • Visa/Border issues status check with Frank
    • Status of various legal/anecdotal answers
      • Special concern about Latin Americans (El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia), cf recent email to -team and -discuss
    • Integration into presentation
    • Integration into website
      • How important is technical restriction to lawyers-only?
  • Mention of SEAS summary email - feel free to help
    • Purpose of email
    • When will MrBeige send it?
  • Logo selection
  • Status check on presentation
    • ETA for unfinished action items
  • Status check on website
    • ETA for the part that should be done before the presentation at DC9
  • Promotional handouts at DC9
    • Verify form factor
      • Hydroxide's suggestion: rounded-corners double-sided collector card from
    • Who will design it? By when?
    • Delivery to DC9 (e.g. via schultmc)


[edit] Local Team meeting, 2009 June 30 19:00 EDT (23:00 UTC)

  • Logo
  • Presentation
    • How to obtain and work with the presentation source
    • Stuff to remove/add
    • Dividing up the work
    • (Idea: Make an meeting topic, and let everyone dump things to be included in the pres. in IRC. Then we later take this, organize, be sure it's all included, and can call it done.)
  • Website
    • Stuff to remove/add
    • Dividing up the work
    • Website redesign
  • Goals for DebCamp9
    • Sponsor pack?
  • Anyone need debconf-data SVN write access?
  • When to let the US press start writing about DC10
  • Mention of visa/border meeting scheduling: TBD after July 7th
  • Next meeting
  • Any other business


[edit] Localteam meeting, 2009 April 29 20:00 EDT (23:59 UTC)

  • Visa Issues
    • Specific Countries
      • Visa waiver countries
      • Latin America/Rest of Europe
      • Specific countries to pay attention to.
    • How soon do we need an exact date and address?
    • What kinds of help can we provide? (email contact, signed/encrypted, how early to contact)
    • Are there preferable ports of entry?
    • What qualities make people more or less likely to be granted a visa?
    • Advantages of the Visa Waiver program vs. applying for a visa anyway.
  • Border Searches
  • DC10 presentation stuff - how to incorporate the above without saying too much from a legal standpoint
  • Settle on columbia, with HI if overflow space is needed
    • Perhaps a small discussion on how we will handle the larger talks- ?
  • Timeline for date decisions - decide before october, or in october? (Do we want to decide dates before Columbia Housing guarantees us spots?)
  • Make a best estimate dates now.
  • Discuss DC10 presentation to be given at DC9
  • Next meeting?


  • Housing - we can finalize dates in october. (we can probably skip this topic)
  • Preliminary budget (we can probably skip this topic)
  • Any other great ideas we want to put on the board.


[edit] Sunday 2009-02-22 19:00 UTC

  1. "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees
  2. strong, mature, experienced local team
  3. good working spaces
  4. excellent network connectivity
  5. quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity
  6. suitable accommodation in close proximity
  7. presentation facilities
  8. travel costs and time
  9. Visa issues
  10. accessibility
  • each venue describe what are the good points about the other venues. (10min each max.)
  • each venue describe the weak points in their own venue. (10min each max.)
  • 5 minutes question per bid, moderated
  • general questions by "the audience", 10 minutes
  • 5min break
  • Then, we will go through the priorities and say "1, 3, 5,6 and 9 are equal for both venues, on 7 and 8 $venue_a is better and on 2 and 4 $venue_b, so we take $venue_a" (90min max.)


[edit] Sunday, January 25th, 21 UTC, 2009

  • discussion whether we accept the Quito bid...
  • DebConf10 bid
    • short presentation of the location checklists
  • Questions from bid teams
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