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This page is for future organizers to learn how things have been done in the past, and to have an institutional memory.

What qualifies as a "DebConf Manual" page? In some ways, any page on this wiki could be one. We should start out with pages of specific processes which were followed in the past. Most planning pages aren't followed exactly, so let's try to add notes to the pages linked here about "this happened/this didn't happen/this worked/this didn't work." Furthermore, year-to-year global procedures should be linked here. Readers should also be aware that things linked here aren't followed exactly and aren't the law. Do you have any suggestions about this category? How should it relate to Category:General?

Things that should be included:

  • Pages with specific procedures that have been followed reasonably well at least once. (It is up to future readers to see how old it is and determine how applicable it still is, try to note this on the page)
  • Pages with year-to-year procedures that people should follow (such as keeping track of the budget)
  • Pages important for institutional memory

There are also pages outside the wiki which are useful for the organizers to be aware of. Please gather such links here.


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