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DebConf maintains some technical infrastructure itself under the domain. Other resources are located on Debian's infrastructure (mainly Alioth).

[edit] List of available resources

See DebConf resources list

[edit] Resource Access

The DebConf maintained resources are managed by the DebConf Admin Team. To ensure easy access to necessary resources for new (local) contributors while still maintaining the confidentiality of private resources the following rules to grant resource access are used:

  • Each year a trusted member of the local organizers is added as an admin. This admin is free to add local team members as needed.
  • Each year the previous years admin is removed again and the access list to all private resources is reviewed. All members that no longer need access are removed.
  • Really confidential data should not be put in any of repositories.

This applies to the following resources:

  • debconf-data and debconf-team Alioth projects (Subversion repository access)
  • DebConf RT instance
  • private IRC channels (currently only #debconf-sponsors)
  • private mailinglist (currently only
  • Penta Admin interface

Reference discussion: thread on debconf-team about repository access

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