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This page describes the general duties for the registration team (including front desk), and provides instructions. There are at least three parts to this: registration, room assignments, and (on site) front desk. The same people don't have to do all of these things, they can be separate teams.

This page is designed for the things that happen every year. If you add year-specific instructions, note them as "For DebConf NN, xxx" and feel free to remove things from past years. For important year-specific things, make sure to note it on the appropriate DebConfNN/XXXX page.



In general, there are various local + global people on this

[edit] General questions

  • You can log into penta at . Make sure the selection box in the top left corner shows the proper conference. You can search for people using the "find person" button image on the left sidebar.
  • You can ask pentabarf people to give you easily parseable dumps of data from penta, so that you don't have to go searching for things.
  • You will get all sorts of random questions, and you need to triage them to find an answer, or who can answer.
  • Keep registration@ in the CC list. This keeps your teammates up to date, and also provides an archive. If someone replies and doesn't include registration@ in the CC list, add it to CC when you reply, so that the rest of the team can know and stay coordinated.
  • For internal team discussion, mail registration@. Sometimes you reply only to registration@ to do internal discussion before answering the attendee.

[edit] Payments

  • You need to keep a payment spreadsheet up to date:
    • SPI's click&pledge will send emails upon credit card payments to You should record these payments in the payment spreadsheet in that year's debconf-team svn.
    • For FFIS payments, someone must log into the FFIS system and search.
  • If people ask about payments, you can search either of these two places if it isn't properly recorded in the spreadsheet.
  • The exact payment tracking system will vary from year to year.

[edit] Someone asks for an invoice

  • We provide invoices on request.
  • Collect this information: name to be billed, a) names of attendee(s) and registration categories b) organisation and address to be invoiced c) whether you need a FFIS (Euro) or SPI (USD) invoice d) list of payments/donations made and how you would like them recorded. Then mail the information to either SPI (FIXME:email) or FFIS (FIXME:email) and they will construct an invoice.
  • Send the exact line items to the treasurers, such as "DebConfNN Professional|Corporate registration - $NNN/€NNN".

[edit] Room assignments

  • You'll need to work this out with the team from your year how you want to do this. Usually, this is done in a spreadsheet of some sort.
  • People may have various room requests, which you should track and try to satisfy, within reason. Some of these will require local knowledge,
  • For group dormitories, respect gender diversity: ☑ Male, ☑ Female, ☑ Other

[edit] Front desk / conference check in.

[edit] Checking in attendees upon arrival

  • Have a computer on the entrance view (requires permissions, ask a pentabarf admin)
  • Check off the relevant boxes as they arrive and have recieved their stuff. Most important is the "arrived at venue" box.
  • Anything else required by that year's conference...
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