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This page exists to document the requirements for a DebConf network.


[edit] Uplink capacity

  • What has prior DebConf bandwidth been?

[edit] Network topology

  • IPv4 required.
  • IPv6 preferred.
  • Dynamic address range required to be larger than IPv4/24. 253 addresses will run out very quickly.

[edit] Wireless AP density / configuration

  • Preferred protocol/channel layout:
    • 802.11g-only on 2.4 GHz
    • 802.11an-only on 5 GHz
    • 802.11n disabled on 2.4 GHZ

[edit] Wireless security (WEP/WPA, login portals)

  • Required to not be a captive portal. (Browser-less devices must be able to use the network.)
  • WPA2 is preferred.

[edit] Ethernet port capacity / distribution

[edit] Filtering

  • Lack of port filtering is required.

[edit]  ???

[edit] Network for the video team

The video team's networking requirements are documented at Videoteam/Network.

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