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We produce three types of shirt each year, for attendee/staff/video team members. Each is usually a different colour, and the staff/video shirts also have identifying text on the back.

For a few years we had separate organiser/volunteer colours, before deciding that it was difficult to make this distinction in any fair way, and producing "staff" shirts for all volunteers.

. attendee staff video
DC3 white
DC4 white
DC5 red orga: orange volunteer: black
DC6 white with blue neck and sleeves orga: white with red neck and sleeves volunteer: white with grey neck and sleeves
DC7 grey (m) / white (f) with blue rings orga: light blue volunteer: dark blue
DC8 dark blue orga: black volunteer: red orange
DC9 bright green orga: black volunteer: red orange
DC10 purple black yellow
DC11 light blue black orange
DC12 green with red rings dark blue with blue rings orange with black rings
DC13 red olive light blue
DC14 light blue gray light yellow
DC15 navy burgundy azure
DC16 purpelish pink purple mustard
DC17 dark grey ash grey wine
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