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This text was used at FOSDEM. IMO it would be great to have something like this for DebConfs, too.

[edit] Speaker Moderation Arrangements

Hi moderation superhero!

Each year, good speaker moderation proves to be essential in making sure the schedule is respected and both speakers and visitors have a warm and fuzzy feeling of contentment after the talk. You will help to make this happen. You rock.

Your moderation tasks are indicated below. Please read through them carefully and don't hesitate to contact someone from FOSDEM staff if something is not clear.

  • make sure you are in the room at least 15 minutes before the talk starts.
  • make sure the next speaker tests his laptop / projector connection as soon as possible
  • hold out the signs indicating "15 minutes left", "10 minutes left", "5 minutes left", "OutOfTime" at the appropriate times
  • check the contents of the speaker bag before handing it over to the speaker
  • speaker bag contains:
    • standard conference bag
    • 1 bar of chocolate
    • 1 small bottle of water
    • 4 time signs (15in, 10min, 5min, OutOfTime
  • don't hesitate to contact the infodesk which questions or remarks

Thanks again for your help in making FOSDEM2008 a smooth event. The FOSDEM staff loves you and sets your karma +100.

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