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[edit] Money flow before the DebConf period

  1. Its kindly requested that the relevant team leads contact the DebConf accountant before purchases are made
  2. Supporting documentation to be scanned and sent to accountant by the team lead
    • For reimbursement, its suggested an invoice + receipt
    • For supplier payment, its suggested a quote + proforma, or invoice
  3. Accountant clears payment within 7-14 days and records payment and receipt in ledger

Please use GPG signed email when using email.

[edit] Money flow during the immediate DebConf period

For DebConf12, X = 150 USD, Y = 500 USD, and the DebConf accountant is Henning Sprang, who can be contacted on and (+505) 84875226.

For DebConf13, according to the debconf13 association bylaws, X = Y = 1000 CHF, for local spending approval of the debconf13 association board is required but the board can delegate this to teams according to the budget. See bylaws.

For DebConf14, X = 100 USD, Y = 1000 USD.

Procedures for money spending:

  • items already in the budget, where there is no material change, are already authorised before DebConf -- individual teams (e.g. video team) should decide themselves how to spend their portions of the budget on material relevant to their normal work
  • for transactions of up to X, we will authorise Y of local spending, with new batches (probably also Y) to follow when that is exhausted
  • the non-authorised procedure is expected to be used for "necessary" items
  • transactions above X should be agreed by the DebConf team, and formally authorised by at least two DebConf Chairs
  • except where there are overriding circumstances, all expected transactions should be communicated to the DebConf accountant before money is spent
  • after each transaction, the DebConf accountant should be informed of the amount, who spent it, and the description and purpose of the items purchased
  • if the person who spent the money is being reimbursed locally (or spent cash that was already on-site), the original receipt should be given to the DebConf accountant
  • if the person who spent the money is requesting a reimbursement from SPI/FFIS/other Debian funds, they should let the DebConf accountant take a copy of the receipt, but keep the original
  • where people are requesting SPI/FFIS/etc. reimbursement, they are responsible themselves for ensuring that they are reimbursed -- this will require them to fill in the relevant forms and send them to the organisation in question along with the original receipts, as soon as possible, and certainly within three months from the end of DebConf
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