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Please move unsuitable venues to the last section.


[edit] Short list

Venues that will be submitted as part of the bid.

Region Name Subpage link
Baden-Württemberg / Heidelberg Heidelberg International /HeidelbergIntl
Bayern / München Accomodation: Haus International, conference: Hochschule München /Munich
Bayern / Treuchtlingen City of Treuchtlingen: /Treuchtlingen

[edit] Medium list

Venues that look really good with few open questions.

Region Name Subpage link
Franken / Nürnberg Jugendherberge Nürnberg
Schleswig-Holstein / Plön Koppelsberg am Plöner See /Koppelsberg

[edit] Long list

Venues that seem suitable, who have already provided preliminary offers, or with whom there has already been extensive communication:

Region Name Subpage link
NRW / Dortmund Jugendgästehaus Dortmund /JGHDortmund
Oberbayern / Altötting Forum Altötting /Altoetting
NRW / Köln Zentrum f. Veranstaltungen im MediaPark Köln /KomedKoeln
Hessen / Fulda Esperanto Fulda Ganneff: No contact yet. 327 Rooms, accessible, lots of conference knowledge and technic available]

[edit] Venues (awaiting replies)

Region Name Status
Oberbayern / Berchtesgaden Kongresszentrum BG bzed: inquired for more information 2013-08-29
Oberbayern / Bad Reichenhall various locations in Bad Reichenhall bzed: inquired for more information 2013-08-29
Oberbayern / Chiemsee area Various locations in the Chiemsee area bzed: inquired for more information 2013-08-29
Franken / Coburg Jubi Neukirchen madduck inquired 2013-08-23 and again 2013-09-27 (due to holiday)
NRW / Witten Uni Witten-Herdecke madduck established contact 2013-08-21, first reaction "non-negative", but no housing possibility yet
Ostbayern / Bischofsmais Ferienpark Bischofsmais RichiH: 1400 beds, partially accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Oberbayern / Siegsdorf Ferienpark Bayernpark Ruhpolding RichiH: 550 beds, fully accessible, next to Ferienheim und Bildungszentrum Siegsdorf
Email sent 2013-09-04
Weird, semi-friendly contact who does not appear to speak German too well; outcome unclear
Ostbayern / Waldkirchen Ferienpark Jägerwiesen RichiH: 600 beds, partially accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Bayern / Lechbruck Feriendorf Hochbergle RichiH: 782 beds, fully accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Oberbayern / Babenhausen (Allgäu) Schwäbische Jugendbildungs- und Begegnungsstätte Babenhausen RichiH: Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Mittelfranken / Altmühltal ABG Tagungszentrum RichiH: Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Oberpfalz / Falkenstein Ferienpark Falkenstein RichiH: Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
Oberpfalz / Waldmünchen Jubi Waldmünchen RichiH: Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29

[edit] Venues (no contact yet)

Add your venue proposal to the list. If you have not yet established contact and/or would prefer someone else to take care of that, mention "no contact yet" in the status field. Or establish contact. Here is a suggestion for the initial letter by madduck: /Anschreiben.

Please insert your entry with the other entries from the same Bundesland.

Region Name Status
Brandenburg / Hohenwerder Inselparadies Petzow Fha: criteria yet unchecked, no contact
Brandenburg / Joachimsthal EJB am Werbellinsee Fha: criteria yet unchecked, no contact
Oberbayern / Murnau Kultur- und Tagungszentrum Murnau Fha: No contact yet; only conference venue, beds have to be taken from the pool of available hotels etc.. Before going ahead, consider a) whether prices are accepable anyway and b) whether bed needs can be fulfilled be a reasonable small set of locations and c) whether common criteria are met anyway
Hessen / Frankfurt Jugendherberge Frankfurt – Haus der Jugend Fha: criteria yet unchecked, no contact
NRW / Köln Köln Jugendherberge Köln-Deutz City Hostel Fha: criteria yet unchecked, no contact
Sachsen / Seifhennersdorf KiEZ Querxenland Fha: criteria yet unchecked, no contact
Sachsen-Anhalt / Wernigerode Harzer Kultur- und Kongresshotel tille: Probably sufficient beds, several hotels around; three airports around but travel needs 2.5 hours per train including changing trains

[edit] Associations (non-venues, but with portfolios)

Region Name Status
deutschlandweit madduck response 2013-08-27, suggestion to look at JH Köln and Nürnberg (TODO)
Bayern in Bayern madduck response 2013-09-02 with a list of venues doing conferences, which has yet to be processed.
deutschlandweit madduck forwarded info to all houses 2013-08-26
Bayern Zweckverband Bayrische Landschulheime madduck inquired whether there are places that meet our biggest requirements 2013-08-23
Bayern Schullandheim Werk e.V. madduck: not aware of any sites with 300+ beds 2013-08-26
Oberbayern / München Studentenwerk München madduck: no short-term rentals 2013-09-02
deutschlandweit Liste von Unterkuenften RichiH: All Bavarian locations with more than 350 beds are listed below 2013-08-28
deutschlandweit Fha: all entries with criteria: at least 400 beds, at least five group rooms, suitable for seminars, internet access listed below 2013-09-08

[edit] Venues inquired 2010/2011

If you want to pick up any of these, please migrate the data to the table format.

 7000E+MWSt (7 Tage, 1*>500er Reihenbestuhlung, 1*~200er Reihenbestulung, 2*50, 1*20)
 30000E (incl MWSt?) (7 Tage, 1*800 Reihenbestuhlung, 1*450 Reihenbestuhlung, 1*70, 1*30, 1*20)
 19500E+Mwst (7 Tage, 1*500er Reihenbestuhlung, 1*200er Reihenbestulung, 4 Tagungsräume)
 40000E+Mwst (7 Tage, 1*>500er Reihenbestuhlung, 2*200er Reihenbestuhlung, 4 Tagungsräume)

[edit] Unsuitable venues

Region Name Reason
Niedersachsen / Schneverding Camp Reinsehlen madduck sleeps max. 180 2013-08-26
Franken / Ipsheim Burg Hoheneck madduck: only 77 beds, too small
Franken / Windberg Jugendbildungsstätte Windberg madduck: only ~100 beds, too small
Oberbayern / Hindelang Jubi Hindelang madduck: only about 100 beds
Oberbayern / Königsdorf Jugendsiedlung Hochland madduck: only 97 beds, too small
Oberbayern / Pullach Burg Schwaneck madduck: only 131 beds, too small
Oberbayern / Gauting Institut für Jugendarbeit, Gauting madduck: only 55 beds, too small
Oberbayern / Tutzing Evang. Akademie Tutzing madduck: only about 90 beds, too small
Oberbayern / Rosenheim Ver.di Bildungszentrum Brannenburg List discussion (too small)
Oberbayern / Freilassing Lokwelt Freilassing bzed: replied: too small
Oberbayern / München München Park madduck: 366 beds, plenary rooms not big enough, already too many bookings for summer 2015, 2013-09-03
Oberbayern / Dachau Jugendherberge Dachau madduck: 117 beds only, too small 2013-09-02
Oberbayern / Possenhofen Jugendherberge Possenhofen madduck: 134 beds only, too small 2013-09-02
Saarland / Saarbrücken Schloss Dagstuhl Suggestion by Lucas Nussbaum, but only hosts about 100 people
Brandenburg / Spreewald KiEZ Hölzerner See madduck: no chance of reliable/fast Internet (except LTE, maybe)
Rheinland-Pfalz / Bingen Rheintal Kongresszentrum bzed: replied with '...too small for such a conference...' - I assume because its run by nH Hotels and they don't have enough space in their own hotel for all people. If we run out of alternatives, I'll see if they are really too small - the building should be big enough for us imho.
Oberbayern / Herrsching Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft RichiH: 2013-09-04 no capacity
Oberbayern / Schliersee Jugendbildungsstätte der IG-Metall RichiH: Email sent 2013-09-04
RichiH: 2013-09-06: No capacity (60 beds), no interest
Oberbayern / Freising Boarding-Haus Freising madduck: way too small 2013-09-27
Oberbayern / München Haus International madduck: 600+ beds, but only one conference room with 175 people 2013-09-27
Oberbayern / München Jugendherberge München-City madduck: 352 beds, no conference facilities, and none nearby 2013-09-27
Oberbayern / Benediktbeuern Aktionszentrum Benediktbeuern madduck: ~170 beds, inquired for more information 2013-08-23, no reply, no phone contact 2013-09-27
Oberbayern / Schliersee Studienzentrum für evangelische Jugendarbeit e.V. madduck: too small, max. 200 people with surrounding venues 2013-09-27
Bayern / Steingaden Kath. Landvolkshochschule Wies e.V. & Karl-Eberth-Haus in Steingaden] & Bildungs- und Erholungsstätte Langau e.V. madduck: 400 beds between the three venues, but >15 minutes walking between them
Franken / Nürnberg Burg Feuerstein madduck too small, only 198 beds and renovations planned for 2015
Sachsen / Dresden Jugendgästehaus Dresden madduck: 480 beds, but no conference rooms 2013-09-27
Oberbayern / Oberhaching (bei München) Sportschule Oberhaching Uebersicht RichiH: No interest on their side as they are focussed on sports and can't accomodate us in parallel
Ostbayern / Freyung Ferienpark Geyersberg RichiH: 360 beds, partially accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04M
No: No talk rooms, no food service.
No talk rooms, no catering.
Hessen / Darmstadt Darmstadtium /Darmstadt, but way too expensive, and charging for every detail means they probably are not flexible
Oberbayern / Allgäu Hotel Allgäu Stern /AllgaeuStern Double-bed rooms are double-beds
Hessen / Frankfurt/Würzburg Schullandheim Wegscheide /SLHWegscheide No upstream and too far away from anything
Niedersachsen / Neuharlingersiel Jugendherberge Neuharlingersiel madduck: 398 beds, but conference rooms are too small 2013-09-29
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Rügen Jugendherberge Prora mit Zeltplatz madduck: 418 beds, one conference room with 250 chairs, the next has only 40
Bayern / Stamsried Sportstätte und Familienerholungsdorf Glocknerhof RichiH: 500 beds, fully accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
They told us they don't have the capacity. RichiH 2013-10-03
Oberbayern / Inzell Jugendferiendorf Inzell RichiH: 349 beds, fully accessible
Email sent 2013-09-04, 2013-09-29
They don't think we are suitable for them. RichiH 2013-10-03
Unterfranken / Würzburg Jubi Unterfranken RichiH: Email sent 2013-10-03
Don't have enough meeting rooms. RichiH 2013-10-07
Oberbayern / Garmisch Patenkirchen Kongress GaPa /GarmischPatenkirchen
RichiH: Too expensive. Near-ish Youth hostel only has 207 beds, hotels are very expensive in the touristy area.
Sachsen / Lausitz Kulturinsel Einsiedel pixelpapst: formal contact established, strange & wonderful place - ruled out for DebConf due to size (largest talk room would be ~150 people) but might be suitable for Mini-DebConf or a stand-alone DebCamp

Note: those venues that are ruled out by madduck because they are too small could be checked again, maybe there is another accomodation in close proximity.

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