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[edit] Contact

  • Very fast response (<< 30 Minutes)!

Franzisca Juhnke
Sie erreichen mich täglich von 09:00 – 15:00 Uhr.
KOMED im MediaPark GmbH
Im MediaPark 7, 50670 Köln
Tel. 0221 5743-143
Fax 0221 5743-339
E-Mail: juhnke (a)

[edit] Venue

  • hosting conferences like the SIGINT and PyCon, used to provide what geeks need to be happy ;) SIGINT also seems to be very happy about the venue and the organizers there.
  • in the middle of cologne, easy to reach from the airport and central train station
  • Prices: File:Debconf15 komed.pdf - we'll get a special offer for booking rooms for several days and so on. I have a longer list of suggested rooms and daily 'Pauschalen'.
  • Depending on the number and size of rooms we need, not all of them will be in the same building, but all buildings are at the same location with a nice lake and a bit of nature. -
  • wifi available, either using their upstream or what we like
  • various hotels close (incl. a new motel one) to the conference location, also several youth hostels

[edit] TODO

  • availability of rooms 24/7

In building 6 after 10pm: only silent stuff. Building 7: whatever we want. Otherwise: 24/7. Used to that from sigint and pycon ;)

  • where do people sleep / which hotels and how far?

Two hotels very close to the komed (<= 500m): NH + azimuth.

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