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[edit] Info

[edit] Site

  • sitemap [1]
  • 256 beds in 2-6 bed rooms including a DPL suite (two floors, private bathtub)
  • rooms are distributed in several houses (detailed information [2])
  • many rooms have private bathrooms
  • most houses have at least one BBQ attached, some have a fireplace (Kaminzimmer)
  • very short walking distances except for two guest houses at the waterfront (uphill walking to main buildings)
  • only one fully accessible guestroom, the others have too small bathrooms, but can some share a dedicated fully accessible bathroom
  • seminar rooms on the ground floor are fully accessible
  • talk room for 300 people, or two rooms for 120-150 people each
  • 13 seminar rooms (with beamer and video equipment, 14-50 seats)
  • 3 dining rooms (100, 32, 114 seats), outside dining (100 seats)
  • up to 5 meals a day (buffet)[3]
  • vegetarian and special food, BBQ, lunchbag possible (order the day before)
  • Raum der Stille
  • Internet Cafe, W-LAN available (only 2MBit? faster internet with SkyDSL or new fiber cable needed?)
  • Sauna
  • Lounge (bar) and large cellar bar with terrace access
  • beach access (shower and changing room), boat pier, volleyball, basketball, soccer and football, badminton, climbing
  • one house full of toys (Spieleland):
table tennis, darts, billard, kicker (fooseball), airhockey plus separate kids area
(Kinderland für kleine Kinder mit Spielsachen, Rutsche und Kletterdschungel)
  • Segelschule[4] (to rent sailing boats and Kajaks, Kanus) between Jugendherberge and Camping
  • only available July 1-19 2015, August and September are already fully booked
  • 50% non-refundable deposit

[edit] additional accomodation

[edit] fast Internet

[edit] shopping

  • several super markets and more shopping in Plön (2-3km) and Ascheberg (4km), farmers market, fresh fish
  • several restaurants in Plön and Ascheberg
  • (small) computer/electronics stores in Plön/Ascheberg
  • big stores (Conrad/Mediamarkt/Medimax) in Raisdorf (23km / 20min by car) or Kiel (30km)

[edit] transportation

  • 2.2km walking from Plön train station, 4.5km walking from Ascheberg train station
  • local bus to Plön/Ascheberg takes less than 10 minutes, but limited service (about once an hour from 8-18, less on weekends)
  • 30-45 minutes by train from Kiel or Lübeck (two trains an hour)[7] to Plön
  • direct train from Lübeck airport[8] (low cost airlines): one hour[9]
  • S-Bahn/train from Hamburg airport[10] via Lübeck: two hours 20 minutes[11]
  • Kielius from Hamburg Airport to Neumünster (50 minutes), Bus to Plön (50 minutes) plus waiting (50 minutes) [12]
  • airport shuttle (90km) or Kielius/KielExx via Kiel?[13][14]

[edit] Cheese and Wine

  • Käsestrasse Schleswig-Holstein[15]

[edit] Excursion

  • Plön lake[16]
  • "Mountain" in Holstein Switzerland[17]
  • Kiel[18] (Warleberger Hof, Schifffahrtsmuseum, Freilichtmuseum Molfsee, Computermuseum, U-Boot Laboe, Marineehrenmal)
  • Lübeck[19] (Queen of the Hanse), old-town (UNESCO world heritage site), Marzipan, Buddenbrooks
  • Schleswig[20] (Schloss Gottorf[21], Vikings in Haitabu[22])
  • Flensburg[23] (rum and beer)
  • Friedrichstadt[24], the Dutch city
  • North Sea beaches and Watt (St Peter-Ording[25], Sylt[26])
  • Hamburg[27]
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