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[edit] Preface

  • The city has an interest to host us, to bring exposure. They switched to Debian 10+ years ago, but they did not market it. Medium-term, the region might consolidate IT and Treuchtlingen could use all the attention they could get to push Debian regionally.
  • The city would be our contractual partner and would handle accomodation, organisation of venues, etc..
  • High motivation apparent, see their wiki including a logo suggestion that they made just because we hinted that DebConf might come to their city.

madduck: This is very short-notice as I only had time to contact them 2013-10-30, but it seems a promising venue.

[edit] Accomodation

  • Biggest challenge, there are beds, but they are spread across several houses in this (small town). Everything is reachable within 5 minutes walking though.
  • There are 374 beds in total as of 2013-11-06 and the city is continuing to work on this at top-priority.
  • City would be our only point of contact, i.e. we would not have to deal with the hotels directly.
  • One 4*-hotel with 50+ beds available in town centre
  • Camping & motor home in walking distance

[edit] Venue

  • Nothing fixed yet, but there are several options.
  • On-site visit required (madduck could go in November)
  • City is happy to accomodate our needs however possible.

[edit] Transport

  • ICE stop, but only two trains to Munich stop there
  • Regional transport from Nürnberg and Augsburg, which are ICE stops

[edit] Networking

  • Assume 100MBit in venue buildings, probably less (if at all) in accomodation.

[edit] Prices

  • They now know about our budget limits
  • If we submit a budget in summer 2014, it's quite possible the city will financially subsidise the event (>10 T€ requires Stadtrat decision)
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