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[edit] Accomodation

[edit] Main accomodation

Haus International
Florian Thuy (Managing director)

  • Distance from venue: 900m, approx. 11 minutes walking along low-traffic roads
  • Hostel with 630 beds (with gross prices 2014 pp.):
    • 12 1-bedrooms with shared bathrooms (36 €)
    • 12 2-bedrooms with shared bathrooms (29 €)
    • 10 1-bedrooms ensuite (50 €)
    • 25 2-bedrooms ensuite (39 €)
    • 7 3-bedrooms ensuite (30 €)
    • 61 4-bedrooms ensuite (28 €)
    • 28 6-bedrooms ensuite (26 €)
    • 4 special rooms (1-2 people, double bed, price fixed 65 €)
  • Average price across all 1–4 bedrooms (only 45 4-bedrooms, incl. special rooms, 301 people): 31,59 €/p, not at all negotiated.
  • Price list 2014
  • Nothing fancy (think: Mexiko, Finnland, Caceres), but high quality
  • Towels not included in 3+-bedrooms, but can be bought on-site for 2 €. Therefore, 1–2 bedrooms could be negotiated if people can be expected to bring towels.
  • We would be able to put most people into a separate wing, but some (the larger rooms) would share a wing with other guests, noise is not tolerated but can be an issue.
  • Accessibility via the freight elevator (keys provided to wheel-chair users)
  • WLAN-access all over the place
  • In-house bar with normally-priced drinks
  • Not really suitable in July due to large demand, but August/September would be fine.

Flyer Haus-Beschreibung (de)

[edit] Hotels

[edit] Venue

  • A university with plenty of space and rooms and network
  • Nice, open area, very conducive for an integrative conference
  • Exclusive use during the semester break
  • Already talked to dean, who seems open, but there is no confirmation yet
  • Would require a bit of rescheduling, as the dean would ideally want the conference to start at the end of the semester (July), with a day or two of events that are more interesting to the public. DebCamp would be integrated (like Portland tries to do), or would take place after the conference.
  • Catering possible on-site
  • Backyard for ball playing etc.
  • 24h-access possible if we pay the security guards

[edit] Catering

  • Feeding the herd is possible at the venue
  • Studentenwerk Catering might not available during semester break
  • We might also not be able to use the on-site cafe or kitchen, but we'll see
  • madduck has some leads to caterers, some of which have worked with the Hochschule, others are in the vicinity. The idea would be to try to get access to the kitchen and prepare stuff locally, or have mobile equipment on site for local preparation, as moving food for 350 people twice a day is just going to be too expensive.
  • One possibility might be to have the Jugendherberge cook and deliver. The CEO seems open to the idea, but went on vacation before details could be discussed.

See DebConf11/Munich#Main_Venue:_Munich_University_of_Applied_Sciences_.28Hochschule_M.C3.BCnchen.29 for more, as this is the same venue as for the DC11 Munich bid.

[edit] TODO

  • hacklab in youth hostel?
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