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[edit] Contact

Very nice contact, seem to be very motivated to host us!

Zuccalliplatz 1
D-84503 Altötting

T +49 8671 5062-603
F +49 8671 5062-625
M +49 (0)151 64913778

[edit] Venue

[edit] Date

Due to various other reservations: Not possible in June/July, we'll receive an offer for August 10-23. The suggestion is to start at the 22/23th - at least some days after the 15th, as Altötting is crowded with pilgrims until then.

[edit] Town

Beautiful town, not too big, with a lot of history and stuff for sightseeing. Reachable by train, ~2h from munic airport.

[edit] TODO

  • check about availability of rooms 24/7
  • where do people sleep (max. 2, better one place, close by)
  • which hotels and how far?

Best option seems to be: - close to the venue, not too expensive and it seems to be big enough. Plus .

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