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This wiki is the canonical place for relevant information regarding the DebConf15 conference to take place from 15–22 August 2015 at Heidelberg International youth hostel in Heidelberg, Germany.

The schedule as well as news are to be found on the conference website.

Please do not hesitate to contribute to this wiki, by adding new information or correcting mistakes or unclear statements. To do so, you will need to apply for an account and log in.

All orga-related stuff is located under /Germany (for hysterical raisins).

Important numbers and links
Emergencies Phone: 112
Frequently asked questions /FAQs and /FAQs/Kids
Front desk E-mail:
Cell phone number +49 1579 2347090
Cell phone number +49 1579 2347099
Land line number +49 6221 6479350
Youth hostel Address: Tiergartenstraße 5, 69120 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221 65119-0
DebConf organisers


Dates and events
Sun 9 – Fri 14 Aug DebCamp and Sprints
Fri 14 Aug Arrival day for DebConf
Sat 15 – Sat 22 Aug DebConf (main conference)
Sat 15 – Sun 16 Aug Open Weekend (geared to the public)
Sat 15 Aug (afternoon) Job fair
Sat 15 Aug (evening) Debian's 22nd birthday party
Mon 17 Aug (evening) "Cheese & wine" party
Wed 19 Aug Day trip (no conference events)
Wed 19 Aug (evening) Barbeque at the youth hostel
Thu 20 Aug (evening) Conference dinner
Sat 22 Aug Final day of DebConf incl. cleanup
Sun 23 Aug Check-out 10:00 am

[edit] Registrations closed

Due to overwhelming response and safety concerns associated with the large numbers, we were forced to close registrations for the time being.

[edit] Volunteers

We need more volunteers, please see the volunteer signup page for further information!

[edit] Packing and arriving

All information about what to bring, /TravelCoordination. and arrival information is available from /Welcome.

There's also a PDF with photos detailing the journey from the main station to the youth hostel.

[edit] Links and stuff

— General — Venue, meals
— Before — Conference

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Original bids

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