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[edit] Venue

[edit] Overview Map

Venue overview.png

[edit] Hack spaces

The outside areas are called

  • "courtyard" (also "quad"), the open space in the middle of the building adjacent to the cafeteria
  • "sun terrace", the terrace on the other side of the cafeteria and behind our front desk
  • "beergarden" (and "blue tables", "outside hacklab" in the map above), the area between venue and the rugby pitch
  • and the "Heidelberg hacklab" underneath the C wing

[edit] Conference rooms

Room Floor Building Part
Heidelberg 1-3 0 C
Berlin + London 0 A
Paris 0 A
Stockholm 1 A
Helsinki 1 A
Amsterdam 1 B
Brussels 1 B
Wien 2 A
Madrid 2 A
Lissabon 2 B
Zürich 3 A
Athen 3 A

For room allocation during DebCamp, see DebCamp Rooms

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