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There is a Lost and Found box at Frontdesk, so check there.

[edit] Lost

  • [nick] description of the thing you lost.
  • [helios21] key for locker with the number 1
  • [kyllikki] Light Gray Hoodie, last seen on 3rd floor in Athens
  • [minh] a back and white wallet
  • [msantana] nikon d90 camera in a camera bag, lost on 22/08 somewhere in the venue

[edit] Found

  • Rubber chicken, goes by the name of Pollito. Left at front desk.
    • cape town localteam will take once leaving
  • Transport ticket left at front desk
  • dark gray fleece jacket (found in a corner in Lissabon)
  • neoprene laptop sleeve (found in a corner in Lissabon)
  • Apple charger (found in a table at corridor to Heidelberg)
  • Black running jacket, thin material (found on couch near laundry bin next to food area)
  • Blue-grey backpack (found at conference dinner)
  • Key card for room C152 (found at the fire near conference dinner)
  • neoprene laptop sleeve (found in front of Heidelberg II on a table)
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