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[edit] Satudary, August 22nd

  • Last Day of DebConf15!
  • Checkout reminder
  • Feedback reminder
  • Tip Jar:
    • If you are satisfied with the hostel staff, you can leave tips in the boxes labeled "tip jar"
  • Swag
    • There are some attendee T-shirts left over, you can buy them for EUR 15
    • There will also be some of the lanyards, waterbottles, Bierkrugs and USB fans available for selling at the Front Desk.
    • If you didn't get an attendee bag at check-in, you can get one now.
  • Clean up
    • We will need volunteers for clean up after dinner.

[edit] Friday, August 21st

  • If you enjoyed the conference dinner, feel free to say Thank You to Ilona Hartmann, who organized it.
  • Do not forget about check-out procedures (leave at 10:00, put your bed sheets on the laundry bin)
  • Today we have the Citizen Four screening, both in Heidelberg and Berlin/London at 20:30.
  • Feedback
  • Lost & Found
    • We found some money. If you lost a specific amount of money, ask for those exact bills to Michael Banck.

[edit] Thursday, August 20th

  • Conference Dinner
    • Busses start leaving at 16:15 CEST
    • Hike to the conference dinner leaves at 16:30 CEST
    • Last bus to the conference dinner will leave at 17:30 CEST
      • (a TAXI is ~20 EUR, you pay on your own)
    • The conference dinner will take place at Waldschenke Heidelberg:
    • 49°25'23.4"N 8°42'23.2"E
    • 49.423173, 8.706449
    • Everyone get free non-alcoholic drinks. If you want to have alcoholic beverages, come to frontdesk in time and pay 5€ to get your red sticker. Drinks will start being served as soon as you arrive to the place.
    • Busses for travel back will start at 20:00 CEST
    • We will stop serving free drinks at 21:30 CEST
    • Last bus will be at 22:30 CEST. Please do not wait for the last bus: if it is full you will need to take a taxi, price above applies, you pay on your own.
  • Checkout
    • You MUST checkout by 10:00 CEST at the day you leave
    • OTHERWISE you pay a day on your own
    • before leaving please remove the sheets and put them into a laundry bin.
  • Feedback

[edit] Tuesday, August 18th

  • Group Photo will take place this afternoon
    • Green area outside Heidelberg
    • At 16:00: as soon as the 15:00 talks finish, please go to the group photo directly, gather anybody else you see.
  • There are some events taking place tonight after dinner:
    • English Country Dancing Workshop (by Karsten Merker) tonight: 20:30
      • Room will be announced later today on debconf-discuss
    • Disco night, at the Disco. We can play whatever music we want.
  • Last call for DayTrip sign ups. If you haven't done it yet, do it *NOW*
  • There is a biking option for the DayTrip and Timo Weingärtner is organizing "bike sharing" between bike owners and bike wanters.
  • For the DayTrip, there will be packed lunches for everyone that has food at the hostel
    • Even if you are not going to the DayTrip, there will be packed lunches.
  • For the conference dinner on Thursday, the kid's meal is "spaghetti al pomodoro".
  • There is now an AC access point at the back of Heidelberg room, debconf15
  • Key signing hash

[edit] Monday, August 17th

  • Quiet Hacklabs:
    • Lissabon (B-222, above Amsterdam)
    • Fernsehraum (at corridor outside Amsterdam on the 1st floor, follow the signs towards C building)
    • Athens (A-314, from Monday afternoon)
    • ... Let us know if this is not enough
  • Information for speakers on handling slide submission:
  • Cheese & Wine party:
    • Happens tonight
    • Cutting of the cheese happens at 15:00 in the dining hall, volunteers welcome
  • Key signing party
    • The hash will be read again tomorrow at the morning briefing
  • DayTrip
  • Talk Meisters
  • Adhoc sessions
    • Use the flipcharts at front desk
    • Please do not schedule anything on video taped rooms (Heidelberg, Berlin/London, Amsterdam)
  • Mobile Schedule
  • Local Mirror

[edit] Sunday, August 16th

  • Happy 22nd Birthday to Debian!
  • We are in two weekend editions of German newspapers
  • There's a lot going on at twitter with #debconf15. You can join the twit team if you want.
  • The disco will be available for us on Tuesday, we can DJ, play music, etc.
  • Ad-hoc events are scheduled on paper, at the flip-chart next to Front Desk.
  • Teckids started yesterday and will go on for today (kids using Lego Mindstorm and Arduino), for kids between 8 and 16. From 10:30 onwards in Zürich.
  • No more cash at the bar or the beer cart. 20 EUR at reception and you get a refund if you do not use it completely.
  • The hostel's reception will be open at 9 AM since tomorrow. If you need to leave before, please talk to the reception.
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