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This page attempts to collect all information relevant to travel preparations and arrival. Once you've arrived and during the conference, the page(s) at DebConf15 will be of more relevance.

You can download the arrival cheat-sheet that was also sent by mail.


[edit] How? What? Who?

Please make sure to read the frequently-asked questions and their answers.

[edit] What to bring?

See the dedicated page: DebConf15/WhatToBring

We've also put together a page about mobile phone use, including data: DebConf15/MobilePhonesAndData

[edit] How to get to and from the venue

The address of the venue is Tiergartenstraße 5, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

Please refer to DebConf15/Directions for details, and DebConf15/TravelCoordination to coordinate with others.

The hostel is situated in the northwest of the city, directly on the banks of the Neckar River. It is surrounded by recreational facilities such as zoo, botanical garden, swimming pool and various sports facilities. Jugendherberge Heidelberg International is located 5 km from Heidelberg Castle, which overlooks the Old Town District.

Here is a map:

We recommend you print or download the arrival cheat-sheet (a PDF with photos detailing the journey from the main station to the youth hostel, which also includes contact numbers and important information that you'll want to have with you).

For information about local public transportation options, try

[edit] Arrival and registration

  1. Upon arrival at the venue, your first stop will be the youth hostel's front desk where you will
    1. settle your account (professional/corporate, self-paying, and donations);
    2. receive your key, if staying at the hostel (10 € key deposit payable even if you are a sponsored attendee);
    3. obtain a receipt for these payments;
    Only if you are not a professional or corporate attendee, have not promised a donation and you are not staying at the hostel may you skip this step. If you would like to eat food at the venue, you can purchase meal tickets at the youth hostel reception desk at any time.
  2. With the receipt, please proceed to the DebConf15 front desk a few metres to the right.
  3. Make up your mind about the DebConf15/ConfDinnerOptions on display there before you approach the person behind the front desk.
  4. Show your receipt and state your conference dinner meal choice. In exchange you will get your badge, bag, and t-shirt.
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