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We are workings towards making DebConf a child-friendly conference. If there are open questions, we hope to answer them here. Please feel free to join the discussion at the debconf-kids mailing list or email with private/personal questions and concerns.


[edit] Registration

[edit] How do I register my family?

While we are working to incorporate family registration into our system, for now, please

  1. Register yourself, and your partner as individual participants. Kids age 4 and above need to be registered in Summit. In any case, please send a mail to <>, so we can organize t-shirts, accommodation and meals (food and accommodation is half price for children ages 4 to 6). If you are interested in the childcare we're planning to offer, please contact <> ASAP.
  2. Provide the information needed to correctly accommodate your family in the free-form comment box Optional notes for registration (including roommate preferences). Things to include: who are the members of your family, whether your kid(s) will need a baby bed (cot), a full bed or no bed.
  3. If you have further questions regarding registration or room allocation not covered in this FAQ, please email

[edit] What do I pay for my kids?

  • Kids aged 3 and below are free of charge. You don't need to register them, but please make sure to let us know about them (see above)
  • Kids from 4 to 6 years of age, you'll need to pay 50% of the room&board price (€ 16.50 per kid per night)
  • Kids 7 and above pay the full price for room&board (€ 33 per person per night)

[edit] Will we have to share a room with strangers?

No, please ensure that we know your needs and we will try hard to allocate rooms accordingly.

[edit] Venue

[edit] What facilities can I expect at the venue?

There is a children's play room, and a number of cots (which you need to register; all cots have been claimed, so if you need one, please arrange for your own).

The restaurant has two baby chairs. If you can bring your own, please do.

Every room has a private bathroom. As said above, we will give families a room that will not be shared with other people. Rooms are equipped with basic furnishing (beds, drawers, table & chairs).

[edit] Will my kids be safe at the venue?

The whole venue is far away from traffic and self-contained. We will have exclusive use of the venue during DebConf, so there won't be strangers (at least none without registration).

There is a river nearby, but unless you leave your kids running around freely outside, this is not a concern.

[edit] Food & drink

[edit] Can I bring food for my baby?

Yes, of course you are free to bring food for your baby, if you don't want to rely on the hostel to do so.

[edit] Can I heat up food for my baby at the hostel?

We're sure this will be possible.

[edit] Can I cook food myself for my baby?

There are no cooking facilities available for our use and you are not allowed to operate your own (e.g. electrical stove in a room).

[edit] Conference

[edit] Will you provide child-care?

We are working hard to provide, but it is not confirmed yet. If you can help to settle things out, or if you need this service and didn't contact us yet, please write to as soon as possible.

We also created a (publicly archived) mailing list to keep people updated on our plans. Please subscribe yourself to the list, if interested, and feel free to write to with any questions or ideas you might have.

[edit] Can I bring my kids to the C&W party / day trip / conference dinner?

Yes. But please be aware that there might be alcohol or sharp objects (e.g. tooth picks) around.

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