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See also Category:DebConf13 teams for team pages, and Category:DebConf Manual for the description of various tasks

Please also see DebConf13/VolunteerCoordination and add yourself there!

Everybody is welcomed in the various teams, particularly the organizers of next DebConf should infiltrate in most of the teams.

Just join us in IRC (#debconf-team) or mail to (mail, archives, subscribe).


[edit] Coordination

See also the DebConf Manual pages: DebConfRoadMap, DecisionMaking and FrequentProblems

See also Team management

[edit] Global

Ensure that nothing gets left behind, we have meetings, we maintain communications, teams are well staffed. Handle problems and complaints from outside. Get approvals from DPL.

DebConf chairs:

  • Holger Levsen (h01ger)
  • Moray Allan (moray)
  • Gunnar Wolf (gwolf)

Other members:

  • the debconf-team (anyone actively following the debconf-team mailing list and the #debconf-team IRC-channel, especially during the meetings.

[edit] Local

Same as global, but with deeper knowledge of local things.

  • gaudenz
  • OdyX
  • + the local-team members

[edit] DebConf committee

See also the DebConf Manual page: DebConf Committee (which lists also the appointed people)

[edit] Financial tasks

[edit] Sponsorship team (fundraising)

See also the DebConf Manual page: Fundraising

Handle sponsors

See Sponsorship Team

We need more sponsors for this and next DebConf. Help up: become sponsor, write us about potential sponsors, or join the team.

[edit] Budgeting, accounting and transactions

See also the DebConf Manual pages: Budgeting, YearlyBudget and Accounting

Handle all the financial stuffs

See Finance Team

[edit] Registration and Front Desk

See Front Desk

[edit] Penta team

Help make this beast known as Pentabarf do what we want.

See Front Desk Registration tool team

[edit] Registration team (pre-conference, online)

Handle the registration and communication from and to attendees. Help people with special questions and concerns

See Front Desk Registration team

[edit] Front desk (on site)

handle registrations, food tickets, materials, etc.

See Front Desk team

[edit] Bursaries (accommodation and travel)

The herb team

Rate attendees for accommodation and travel bursaries. Needs several leaders (listed below) and committee to help rating, possibly from a variety of regions and Debian groups.

See Front Desk bursaries team

[edit] Visa team

Publish visa information for attendees, answer questions on the visa@ alias, produce invitation letters.

See Front Desk Visa team

[edit] Accessibility

Ensuring accessibility for all attendees

  • need more

[edit] Room assignments

Once attendees are known, assign them to their rooms and roommates. Work as part of the registration team when people change their plans at the last minute

[edit] Talks

[edit] Talks selection

Rate and select the talks. Note: track coordinators could also accept talks, last-minute talk selection is done onsite by on-site talk scheduler,

  • Andreas Tille (tille)
  • Gunnar Wolf (gwolf)
  • Tássia Camões (tassia)
  • Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (tiago)
  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg)
  • Margarita Manterola (marga)
  • need more

[edit] Track coordinators

The following tracks have been requested to organize DebConf13 talks — They are not final, and they are all subject to having proper relevant content. We list them here to aid for coordination and to present as ideas.

  • Brian Thomason (Cloud Track)
  • Daniel Pocock (RTC track)

[edit] DebianDay talks selection

  • need more

[edit] Talks scheduling

off-site: merge talks into track, check availability of speakers, choose rooms (estimating the number of attendee), try to avoid parallel session with potential same audience.

on-site: last minute selection and scheduling of talks, coordinate with video-team (about talkmaster, coordinator, etc.).

  • Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (tiago)
  • Andreas Tille (tille)
  • Tássia Camões (tassia)
  • need more

[edit] Website/Art team

Maintaining the website and wiki as well as producing all visible arts

  • need more

[edit] Video team

Handle video team coordinations. The debconf-team liasions are listed here, more people and info on DebConf13/Videoteam

  • Holger Levsen (h01ger)
  • Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (tiago)
  • need more

For volunteering on video team add yourself here DebConf13/Videoteam/Help

[edit] Local mechanics

See Category:DebConf13 teams.

[edit] Accommodation

Getting contact with hotels and venue, negotiate conditions

See Hospitality

[edit] Local transportation

Ensure transportation for Day Trip, getting people from the airport to the venue, provide an infrastructure for secure transportation during the event,...)

See Hospitality

[edit] Food

Make Debconf a culinary experience. Make sure a good variety and good alternatives for needs of vegetarian, and vegan food, and other special requirements (keep in mind lactose intolerance).

See Hospitality

[edit] Networking team

Set up and maintain the network during the conference

See Tech

  • need more

[edit] Additional activities

[edit] Debian Day

Promote and organize Debian Day and the talks of it

  • need more

[edit] Day trip

Organize a touristic trip for Debconf attendees

See Fun

  • need more

[edit] Fun and free time

Cultural activities, entertainment events, party planing - all the good ideas

See Fun

  • need more

[edit] Missing teams

We might need them later.

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