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Dear Videoteam volunteers, there will be two training sessions during DebCamp on Friday and Saturday, please attend !

Please remember we need a lot of hands to prepare the setup for the streams, fix rooms, check audio, test video, setup rooms. So we need volunteers for work on video team, add yourself here!

So you want to help the videoteam? Great! Much appreciated!


[edit] Production

Each session needs people to fill the following roles:

  • Vision mixer
  • Audio mixer
  • Camera operator (for the audience)
  • Camera operator (for the stage)
  • Room coordinator (actually, one coordinator per room in the morning and one for the afternoon)

Each day needs two session coordinators, one for morning/afternoon each.

Sign up on Pentabarf.

We also need someone to monitor the video streams at a dedicated computer throughout the day, letting the production team know of any issues through IRC (#debconf-video).

[edit] Cheat sheets

Quick instructions to get you started:

[edit] Reviewing

This page explains the Reviewing workflow which is done through Pentabarf. Talk to h0lger (fixme) if you want access to this.

[edit] Team members

Name IRC nick Arrive Depart tshirt-size
Holger Levsen h01ger TBD TBD L
Tiago Vaz tiago 06.08. 18.08. M
Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre 10.08. 17.08. L
Judit Foglszinger urbec 06.08. 18.08. XXL
Giacomo Catenazzi cate 06.08. 18.08. XXL
Stefano Rivera tumbleweed 06.08. 18.08. XL
Agustin Henze TiN 09.08. 18.08. M
intrigeri intrigeri 06.08. 18.08. S
Kurt Roeckx Q 08.08. 18.08. XL
Ben Hutchings bwh 06.08. 18.08. M
Gerfried Fuchs Rhonda 10.08. 18.08. M
Solveig Solveig 06.08. 18.08. S
Tassia Camoes tassia 06.08. 17.08. S
Josue Ortega noahfx 10.08. 18.08. M
Christoph Egger christoph 10.08. 18.08. XL
Daniel Glassey glasseyes 10.08. 18.08. M
Philip Hands fil 06.08. 18.08. XL
Franziska Lichtblau rhalina 06.08. 18.08. M
Jonathan Dupart Jon--- 11.08. 18.08. L
Alberto Fuentes DrZaius 10.08. 18.08. M
Marc Schaefer alphanet 11.08. 9:45 11.08. 17:00 M
Andi Mundt and1bm 06.08. 18.08. L
Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir 10.08. 18.08. XL
Dominic Hargreaves dom 10.08. 18.08. M
Philipp Kaluza pixelpapst 08.08. 18.08. XXL
Simó Albert i Beltran sim6 10.08. 18.08. M
Mika Pflüger mikapfl 07.08. 18.08. M
David Prévot taffit soon late XL
Jonas Smedegaard jooooonas early late XL
Thomas Koch - early late L
Alexandre Delanoe anoe 11.08 12.08 M
Sorina Sandu sorina 8.08 18.08 M/L
Wouter Verhelst wouter 2013-08-06 2013-08-18 XXL
Giovanni Mascellani giomasce 2013-08-11 2013-08-17 XXL
Thomas Vincent tvincent 10.08 18.08 M
Florian Schlichting fsfs 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 M
Per Andersson avtobiff 2013-08-11 2013-08-17 M
Philipp Kern pkern 2013-08-10 2013-08-17/18 M
Steinar H. Gunderson sesse 2013-08-16(?) 2013-08-18(?) M
Frank lin Piat franklin 2013-08-06 2013-08-16(?) M
Niels Thykier nthykier 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 L
Ivo De Decker ivodd 2013-08-10 2013-08-18 L
Joerg Jaspert Ganneff - - XXL
Mattias Wadenstein maswan - - XL
Elmar Heeb esh - - L
add your details above and ask h01ger on irc (#debconf-video) to add your volunteer rights in pentabarf

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