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Reviewing videos


[edit] Introduction

For the first time we'll be using the Videoteam/Veyepar system to perform the video reviewing process in Debconf. This software offers you a web interface to do all the needed steps in order to end with the encoded files published. The source is hosted at

[edit] Prerequistes

There is also the option to email the presenter(s) a URL/token that will allow that one talk to be worked on without the bother of getting an account. Anyone with an account can give you the URL/token, ask for it on #debconf-video. (it is labelled "Simple UI" on the ugly UI page.)

[edit] reviewing DV file
  1. Connect to and log in.
  2. Click in the name of the talk you want to review. It's in "" column. Better to open it in a new tab.
  3. Click in "Simple UI" and you'll see a table with one or more videos related to that talk. For each video you have to decide either to use it or to ignore it. It's so simple: if it's part of the talk, please *use it* :)
  4. Just before the videos table you'll see a thumbnail of the scanned recording sheet used by the person who was in charge of dvwitch for that talk. If you're confident about his/her notes on this sheet please use them in the fields "Start" and "End" for each video to be used.
  5. In case you don't have enough information in the recording sheet file, please watch the videos. You do *not* need to watch all the video content, it's recommended to pass throught the player watching at least 10sec for each 3-5min just to be sure there'll be no surprises in the end.
  6. If the "Start"/"End" time in the video happens to be the correct ones just mark "Use this video" and leave blanc the respective "Start"/"End" fields in the last column.
  7. Once you're done with each video, mark "Ready to Encode" and make notes about the audio/video quality or other issues you have found in the "Comment" field.
  8. Submit!


Each source DV file is transcoded to a low bitrate ogv for the browser player, so the quality will be low. When the talk is encoded, the original DV files will be used, not the ogv, so don't worry about the low quality you see in your browser.

There are also playlist links that will serve up an .m3u file that is a list of http://...ogv urls. vlc will consume this and give you a nicer player than the web browser.

It takes some time to create the .ogv preview files. There is also a playlist of file://...dv but that requires mounting the video team server on your local fs. This will likely happen and details will be posted.

[edit] Reviewing Transcoded files

So far the only problems seem to be the encoder messing up the audio here and there, and the only way to discover it is watch the whole file. The cause is unknown, the solution seems to be let people watch and report problems; trying to hold them private till they are released isn't worth the hassle.

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