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[edit] Video team recording training

  • when: Friday, Aug. 9th, 21:00 MEST
  • who: everybody already on-site, especially newbies
  • what: training how to record a session
  • more info: ask h01lger

[edit] Video team review training

  • when: Saturday, Aug. 10th, 20:00 MEST
  • who: everybody already on-site who wants to help reviewing
  • what: training how to review a recording
  • more info: ask h01lger

[edit] (done:) kickoff meeting for the DebConf13 videoteam

  • when: Monday, July 8th 2013 at 19 UTC
  • as usual, on #debconf-video on
  • as usual, the meeting shall not last longer than one hour

[edit] Topics

  • who will participate in the dc13 videoteam (also remotely)
  • hw / sw setup / changes to previous years
  • TBD
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