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Warning: work in progress documentation


[edit] Members

  • Responsible
    • Name2 (specific role, if applicable)

[edit] Responsibilities

  • Food
  • Bar
  • Venue accommodation
  • Special accommodation
  • Transport
  • Contact for 'Le Camp' venue (food prices, other options)

[edit] Schedule of the work

In decreasing order of urgency

  • Explore food possibilities ASAP (ideally before next meeting). Would it be possible to organize cooking ourselves?
  • If in charge of cooking: find team and food supplies.
  • Find a location for the bar : inside a Le Camp building, food truck.
  • Find partners for bar: where do we buy beverages and where do we buy food?
  • Create a list of possible hotels in the surrounding area.
  • Investigate prices for the reantal of a small bus for picking up people and transport material.

[edit] Needed resources

  • Will use the majority of the budget.
  • During the DebConf will need people to eventually take care of the food (if not provided directly by Le Camp) and people taking care of the bar/buvette.

[edit] Connections with other subteams

  • Strong Interaction with Finances team. Hospitality team will use the majority of the budget.

[edit] Team Meetings

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