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[edit] When and where

  • Le Camp, Vaumarcus
  • 2012-08-14, 14:00

[edit] Discussion Points

Between parenthesis the current answer from le camp.

  • presentation of the offer from Le Camp (let them explain how they calculated everything and what their offer actually includes)
  • try to negotiate price
    • Food price is still quite high
    • Idea from IRC: cook ourselves for the first half of DebCamp (as long as we are < 40 persons or so)
    • Food as a forfait, as a price per meal or as a price per attendant?
    • Comparision (official prices without any discounts):
      • Fiesch price difference self cooking to full board: 30.-
      • Melchtal full board with normal lunch: 36.- with pic-nic lunch: 33.-
      • Sportzentrum Sumiswald: price difference bed with breakfast to full board: 33.-
  • more beds / camping
    • Current status: No camping allowed in Le Camp area. Eventually install big tent for extra beds.
      • Also ask what are the reasons for not allowing camping. If it's just the fear of additional costs, we'll likely can make some deal.
    • Camping on adjectant field, conditions for food and sanitray installation usage
      • Check if there are any horizontal fields around at all.
    • What's the deal with the rooms that say they accomodate X to 2*X -- are the optional beds just the upper bunks, or are they kids beds or some such [this may already be known, so not sure it justifies a question here -- fil]
    • How many camper vans (or caravans) could be fit on the parking slots or along the path in the woods? Power-connection possible for them?
  • when do we need to sign a final contract (le camp proposed end of August)
  • when do we need to give a deposit and how much do we have to pay (le camp proposed a delayed payment of deposit until December 2012)
  • in case we want to cancel debconf13 how much do we need to pay (le camp proposed as in the "conditions generles" :20% more than 6 month, 30% 3-6 month, 50% less than 3 month, 90% less than one month)
  • define alcohol permit status (Le Camp as a non-profit private organization does not need a license), someone with more french skills should check the law.
  • define how do we sell beverages and the percentage they ask (I made calculation for that but I would like to discuss with others before stating them here)

[edit] Conclusions

Here is a short summary of the most important points. We will receive the contract proposal with all the point at the end of the week.

  • For 4880 CHF per night (13 night, 58240 CHF) we can have 2600 guest-nights (an average of 200 beds per day) over the whole conf duration.
    • If the total amount of beds used during the conf is over 3156, the extra beds will be charged 20.10 CHF (per night)
  • Camping will be allowed on Le Camp site only if 300 people will be reached.
    • Extra people camping will be charged 9 CHF per day
  • We have 2 options for food
    • Normal one, 40 CHF per day per person (breakfast, supper and dinner)
    • Lighter one, 34 CHF per day, 3 meals but the lunch will be non cooked food (ham, salami, cheese bred,..)
    • The two type can be complementary, we can have on the same day i.e. 100 normal meals and 100 light
    • We therefore can have the Debian Day on another location without having to pay food in Le Camp.
    • No for cooking on our own the first days.
  • We well take care of beverage during meals and outside meals. The ask 30% of our profit (so not including the price of the beverage we pay to the supplier).
    • We have to use their usual supplier. (at least for everything they can supply, other special things might be negotiated, but no promise this will work)
    • There will be no need for alcohol license (they can already sell alcohol without license)
  • They ask 20k for end december, 20k for end february and 20k for end may.
  • In case we want to cancel debconf13 :20% more than 6 month, 30% 3-6 month, 50% less than 3 month, 90% less than one month (percentage of the contract we will sign)
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