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[edit] When and where

  • Le Camp, Vaumarcus
  • 2012-05-02, 14:00

[edit] Attendees list

  • Heiserhorn
  • Michael
  • OdyX
  • Cate

[edit] Points discussed

  • We have the OK to have a "buvette/bar".
  • We located 2 possible sites for the buvette location.
  • Option to place a tent for bar/bouvette, 2-3 possible locations.
  • Need to verify the permit to sell alcool with Neuchätel.
  • Discuss the right to sell wine or other beverages for/during lunch/dinner, "droit de bouchon" may apply. They would sell wine 15 to 30 CHF/bottle.
  • Coffee machines would be available
  • They take care of cooking, we are not allowed to use their kitchen. (They use 9 persons at an equivalent employment of 6 persons full-time). They agree to discuss the food prices.
  • They can cook for more than 325 ppl.
  • They can cook special meals (vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free).
  • They propose lunch for daytrip.
  • They can cook a more "sophisticated" meal for the formal dinner for extra money.
  • Food orders are made on Monday and Thursday.
  • Is possible to organize a BBQ (need to discuss with cooks).
  • Probably no camping allowed but need to be confirmed.
  • Lots of cars parking space.
  • Le Camp is accessible by bus.
  • For DebCamp, if less than 180 ppl in average, we pay the forfait, for the other days they will count the number of ppl.
  • Probably an extra charge for electricity will apply but is not yet defined.
  • 170 beds need sleepbags.
  • Le Camp do not provide towels.
  • Possible to rent a mini bus 1 CHF/Km plus gas, not for disabled ppl.
  • Visite pre debconf possible but before 2013 (during summer the camp is occupied).
  • List of some stuff on their website.
  • Internet connection works are starting soon. (the are probing where to place cables).
  • They do not provide first aid services.
  • Ok to light fires but need make sure permission is granted by authorities (fire interdictions can apply at some times during the year).
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