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[edit] Members

  • Members
    • Kevin Mueller
    • Didier Raboud
    • Philipp Hug (network connectivity)
    • Axel Beckert (network and talk infrastructure)
    • Ganneff
    • h01ger
    • rhalina (network)
    • you

[edit] Responsibilities

Providing DebConf13 with all needed technical infrastructure, in collaboration with Debian and DebConf ressources

  • Network infrastructure
    • Secure high-bandwidth network connectivity at the venue
    • Consider backup options with multiple uplinks
    • Local networking (wired and wireless)
    • Local network services (DNS/DHCP, mirrors, storage, video team, ...)
  • Talks infrastructure
    • Network for Video Team
  • Website
    • Technical side of the coin

[edit] Schedule of the work

Ask LeCamp for:

  • Contract details with ISP (hug working on it)
  • Find space for a few servers (no special requirements, "1 room")

Ask ISP for:

  • Existing RJ45 cabling between rooms, especially around the talk rooms (→ separate video team network)
  • Plan of network setup (switches, APs)
  • /22 public IPs for the wireless network (around 700-1000 devices)
  • /29 to /27 public IPs for the server stuff (no firewall!)
  • Is running our own DHCP/DNS servers (e.g. for the wireless) fine?
  • Routing between Wireless and Wired must be local for video streaming
  • SLA? How to make sure we have internet over the weekend. Are they willing to support us or should we run the network ourselves?
  • Can we have native ipv6

Answers from ISP: (unfortunately not more than the following info)

  • current setup: 64 IP addresses (contract says 1 IP though), ipv4-only
  • 100MBit symmetric over fibre
  • Wireless has multiple SSID and they could configure one without captive portal

Ask Thomas Krenn for:

  • Server sponsorship (Ganneff will do)

[edit] Needed resources

(Necessary resources, as well human as financial or technical)

  • Non-firewalled IPv4-Uplink with at least /29, preferably /27
  • Nice to have non-NATted /22 IPv4 network for participants (/23 is ok, too)
  • (optional) native IPv6 uplink with /48
  • Switches (Hacklab: per table 8-16ports PoE, distribution per room 16port PoE injector, core)
  • Separate Video-Team switches (separate STP and subnet)
  • Space for 3-5 servers + switches

[edit] Offered resources

  • Chaostreff Basel asked if they should lend us (wired) network infrastructure hardware. They have at least 10x 48 ports 100 MBit switches with 1 GBit upstream, plus gbic modules and fibre cables. (Axel's contact at Chaostreff Basel: Obri)
  • CCC EventWLAN via CCC Basel
  • Brocade switches and laser wireless hardware (contact: hug)

[edit] Connections with other subteams

(How does this team interact with others: what are his expectations and what will it provide to other teams.)

  • (including sub-domains) infrastructure
    • Getting access
    • Being allowed to hack :->
    • Technical support in both directions
  • Talks infrastructure
    • Making sure needs and expectations are clear in both directions
    • Getting to know precisely what hardware is needed / is provided / has yet to be provided
    • support the video team to deliver videos to the world

[edit] Team Meetings

  • (list of meetings, to be created as subpages of the subteam)
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