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Front Desk team handles the communications and information to and from attendees.

Really there is not Front Desk team, but a lot of smaller task-specific teams.


[edit] Helpers

Not really a team, but anyone could help:

  • answering questions on mailing list (debconf-discuss and debconf-team)
  • improving the wiki pages of DebConf13
  • joining some teams
  • looking mailing list debconf-team, IRC #debconf-team (and debconf meeting) and helping on specific needs. There is a lot of short term easy tasks.

[edit] Registration team (pre-conference)

Handle the online communication between attendee and debconf

Tasks and duties:

  • Subscribing to
  • Answering questions and helping attendees (mainly on registration@, but also on mailing list and IRC)
  • Liaison to the relevant teams (forwarding problems and information)
  • Check and ask attendee about inconsistencies and errors
  • Handling cheese
  • Sending invitation letters (pdf or surface mail)

Requirement (as team, please specify)

  • Local languages (German, French) and English
  • Giving local information about Switzerland (health, rules, travel, insurances) and travel (local info)
  • Liaison to other main teams (Talk, Accommodations, Finance, Front Desk) (e.g. about delay, cancellation, etc.)
  • Possibly people interesting on organizing future DebConfs


  • Contact, coordination: IRC #debconf-team, email #debconf-team
  • Ticket system ?
  • Frab/penta/booking system


  • n0rman
  • rafw
  • Alfu
  • cate
  • hug
  • Y Plentyn
  • Patty Langasek (harmoney)
  • need more

[edit] Front desk (on site)

Central information point for attendees

Tasks and duties:

  • On IRC #debconf during duties times
  • Registering attendee (new arrivals)
  • Handling conference bag, t-shirt
  • Lost + Found
  • Answering questions and helping attendees (on site and on IRC)
  • Liaison to the relevant teams (forwarding problems and information)
  • First point of contact for visitors, press, authorities, etc.


  • on site presence, in time shifts
  • reinforced with local language speaking people on rush hours (arrival day, debian day, etc.)


  • Front desk guide
  • Time shift schedule (wiki)
  • DebConf13/FAQ
  • Frab/penta/booking system
  • A volunteer T-shirt


  • Patty Langasek (harmoney)
  • need more

[edit] Visa team

Handling visa informations

Tasks and duties:

  • Subscribing to
  • Reading and answering questions about Schengen visa form
  • Sending invitations (with registration team)


  • Possibly being also on registration team
  • Handling more confidential information


  • none


  • n0rman
  • rafw
  • need more

[edit] Registration tool team

Handling the online registration system

Tasks and duties:

  • Implementing tools and solving problems, without becoming crazy
  • Running and checking the system
  • Preparing reports for other teams
  • Sending automatic mails


  • Time


  • Yourself


  • Ganneff (technical assistance)
  • need more

[edit] Bursaries (accommodation and travel)

Handling sponsorship.

Tasks and duties:

  • Implement a fair rate system
  • Rate sponsorees
  • Sending results (and answering mails)


  • Ideally members from across continents and Debian background


  • registration tool


Appointed by debconf-team
  • David Bremner
  • Steve Langasek
  • Margarita Manterola
  • Christian Perrier
  • Lior Kaplan
  • Andreas Tille
  • Gunnar Wolf
  • Gaudenz Steinlin
  • Didier Raboud
  • Philipp Hug
  • ...

[edit] Homepage and wiki team

Handling sponsorship.

Tasks and duties:

  • Improve web pages and wiki
  • Coordinate big edits on IRC #debconf-team


  • none


  • wiki
  • svn debconf-data


  • Registered user in wiki
  • Alioth people in debconf-data (ask on #debconf-team about your plan)
Design and templates:

[edit] Ad-hoc tasks

Various tasks, coordinated in DebConf meetings

  • T-shirt design
  • T-shirt and bags
  • General communication to attendee (email, blog posts, etc.)

[edit] Schedule of the work

By categories: urgent, normal, low priority.

[edit] before mid 2012

  • logo
  • sponsor pack (document): in English, German, French (with sponsor team)
  • documentation to DebConf12
    • mySwitzerland will probably give us some generic promotional materials.

[edit] before end 2012

  • website
  • take over visa@ forwarder.
  • replacement of penta (probably done by tech team)

[edit] first trimester 2013

  • t-shirt
    • designs, 3 colours: normal, orga team, video team, 2 formats: man, woman, various sizes
    • manufacturer (also abroad, check with gwolf and global team)

[edit] second trimester 2013

  • Travel information, prices: -> website + FAQ
  • set up travel coordination page
  • call for volunteers for front desk (physical location)

[edit] just before DebConf/DebCamp

  • Emergency contacts (police, etc)
  • DebConf emergency contact (hotline + email, for travel problems, late arrivals, etc.)

[edit] during DebCamp

  • setup Front Desk (desk, materials, printer, ...)
  • setup extra registration desks for registration day

[edit] during DebConf

  • running Front Desk/Registration, finding volunteers, update information
  • accessibility

[edit] after DebConf

  • clean-up, lost+found
  • send back DebConf, Video, Debian materials (with merchandising team)
  • thanks to sponsors (sponsor team)
  • final report (with team management team)

[edit] Connections with other teams

  • Sponsor team:
    • Handling promotional material (for bags)
  • Hospitality team
    • Food and people per day
    • Front desk logistic
    • Storage room (material)
    • Storage room (cheese)
    • Accessibility information (<-) and requests (->)
  • Tech team
    • Early network for front desk (registration)
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