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This page is for Volunteer coordination at DebConf 13. Please add your name if you registered as a volunteer or organizer.

Please add your full name to make it possible to clearly identify you for everyone involved. If you have privacy concerns add your "Penta ID" after your nick. Your "Penta ID" is in the subject line of all automated mails sent recently. Please also add your nick to your registration info in Penta in this case.


[edit] Permanent Jobs

For these jobs we need volunteers during the whole DebConf week. Feel free to add your name to several teams, but be aware that some of these jobs need some training and introduction, so we would like you to commit to be on the team for the whole week (except dishwashing).

[edit] Bar

Volunteers needed: ~15

Responsibles: Benedikt Trefzer, Michele Cane

Tasks (see also):

  • Sell food and beverages at the bar in the evening
  • Sell beverages during lunch and dinner
  • Refill the stock during the day
  • Wash reusable glasses


  1. Michael Germini
  2. Sarah
  3. Aude
  4. cate (part-time)
  5. Ursus
  6. Raphaël Walther
  7. urbec (part-time)
  8. Lunar
  9. Jonathan Dupart (part-time)
  10. Sandro Knauß
  11. Arne Wichmann
  12. Elimar Riesebieter
  13. Eike
  14. Juerg Haefliger (part-time)
  15. Penta 2706 (part-time)
  16. jack
  17. (add your name here)

[edit] Front-Desk

Volunteers needed: ~5

Responsibles: Nattie Mayer-Hutchings, Patty Langasek


  • Check-In and Check-Out of attendees
  • General attendee information
  • Selling of lunch and dinner tickets
  • Handling complaints


  1. Eva
  2. Santiago
  3. sorina
  4. zlatan
  5. Wolodja (babilen)

[edit] Talkmeister

Volunteers needed: ~8 (at least 4 per day)

Responsible: Tiago Bortoletto Vaz


  • see Talkmeister
  • Track managers are responsible for their tracks (?)
  • The talkmeister job has to be done in english, so you should be comfortable speaking to an audience in english


  1. Brian Thomason (Cloud Track)
  2. sorina
  3. tassia
  4. janapirat

[edit] Dishwashing (only evening)

Volunteers needed: ~16-28 (the more the better, at least 4 per day)

Responsible: Raphaël Walther

Dishwashing schedule


  • Dishwashing using the industrial dishwasher in the Le Camp kitchen
  • Clean the tables in the dining room
  • For this task it's best to spread the load as much as possible, we encourage everyone to help at least once to share the load.


  1. Holger Levsen
  2. Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
  3. Didier Raboud
  4. Kevin Müller
  5. David Prévot
  6. Michael Germini
  7. urbec
  8. intrigeri
  9. Santiago
  10. sorina
  11. Solveig
  12. Sarah
  13. Andreas Gläser
  14. Alfusainey Jallow
  15. tassia
  16. Aude
  17. Daniel Glassey
  18. gregoa
  19. zlatan
  20. Ursus
  21. carnil
  22. Lunar
  23. Andi Mundt
  24. Eric Anholt
  25. Jonathan Dupart
  26. Arne Wichmann
  27. Elimar Riesebieter
  28. Eike

[edit] Video Team

Volunteers needed: 4 per talk and one extra for the _full_ morning / afternoon

Responsible: Holger Levsen

Tasks per event:

  • two Camera operators
  • Video Mixer
  • Sound mixer

Task per morning / afternoon

  • Room Coordinator

If you plan to volunteer in the video-team, please add yourself to DebConf13/Videoteam/Help once to let us know you'll be on the team and then use the pentabarf-interface to volunteer for specific event. How to do this is described in the Help wiki-page.

[edit] Other (non recurring) tasks

We need volunteers on Saturday 10th and Sunday 18th August for setup and teardown of the talk rooms, front-desk, bar and hacklabs. Everyone regardless of the team he want's to join is invited to help. Additionally we need volunteers for other tasks.

To have enough volunteers on Saturday we offer an additional free night from Friday to Saturday and dinner on Friday to those arriving early to help with setup.

[edit] Setup

Volunteers needed: ~20-30

Volunteers (please also note the time when you arrive at the Venue):

  1. h01ger
  2. sorina - arrive on 8th
  3. Alfusainey Jallow
  4. tassia - arrive on 6th
  5. tiago - arrive on 6th
  6. Daniel Glassey (arrive on 10th, at about 1pm)
  7. rhalina - arrive on 6th
  8. Raphaël Walther - arrive on 6th
  9. Andi Mundt - arrive on 6th
  10. Elmar Heeb - arrive on 9th/evening (on the registration I have from 10th)
  11. Wolodja (babilen) - arrive on 9th
  12. Arne Wichmann - arrive on 6th
  13. Uli Scholler - arrive on 10th (~15:00h)
  14. Richard Hartmann -- arrival on 10.08. ~0200-0300
  15. Simó Albert i Beltran -- arrive on 10th in the morrning (hopefully).

[edit] Teardown

Volunteers needed: ~20

Volunteers (please also note the time you have to leave):

  1. h01ger
  2. Alfusainey Jallow
  3. tiago - leaving on 18th anytime
  4. urbec - leaving on 18th anytime
  5. rhalina - 18th
  6. Raphaël Walther - 18th anytime
  7. Andi Mundt - leaving on 18th anytime
  8. Jonathan Dupart - leaving on 18th before 14h
  9. chrysn -- leaving on 18th to reach 20:00 train from YLB
  10. Elmar Heeb -- 18th anytime
  11. Arne Wichmann - 18th
  12. Elimar Riesebieter - 18th
  13. tzafrir - 18th anytime
  14. Richard Hartmann -- leaving on 18.08. at around noon
  15. Simó Albert i Beltran -- leaving on 18th anytime or later if it's needed
  16. jack - 18th anytime
  17. Thomas Koch 18th - (If sbd. could give me a lift in direction to Zürich (or Kreuzlingen!) I can stay longer)
  18. nabajour -- leaving on 18th mid-afternoon
  19. sorina - leaving on 18th, afternoon/evening
  20. sre - leaving on 18th, taking the bus at 18:11
  21. aba - leaving with 14.11 bus (or with 16.07 train)
  22. intrigeri - 19th
  23. Solveig - 19th
  24. taffit - ???
  25. sblondon - 18th anytime

[edit] Arrival days

We would like to have some volunteers for random tasks, e.g. preparing conference bags, helping attendees from bus station, etc. More information later (or at Front Desk).

  1. Penta 2706 - from Saturday on

We would like also to have one or two volunteers in Yverdon-Les-Bains, helping attendees to find the right bus, to buy the right tickets, etc.:

[edit] Cheese and Wine Party

Helping preparing the tables, to label cheese, etc. More information later.

[edit] Debian Birthday Party

More information later.

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