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Volunteers needed: ~16-28 (the more the better, at least 4 per day)

Responsible: Raphaël Walther


  • Dishwashing using the industrial dishwasher in the Le Camp kitchen
  • Clean the tables in the dining room
  • For this task it's best to spread the load as much as possible, we encourage everyone to help at least once to share the load.

See also: Dishwashing at volunteer coordination.

[edit] Rendez-vous

Meeting time (local time) in the kitchen at main building (Bâtiment principal)
morning afternoon evening
9:00 13:00 19:00

[edit] DebCamp Schedule (whole day - 2 persons per shift)

DebCamp Dishwashing schedule from Tuesday 6th August to Friday 9th
Tuesday evening Wednesday morning Wednesday afternoon Wednesday evening Thursday morning Thursday afternoon Thursday evening Friday morning Friday afternoon Friday evening
Raphaël Taffit Taffit urbec tassia Andi urbec sorina sorina Andi
gregoa Cathy Cathy tassia carnil Raphaël tiago tiago intrigeri Gaudenz

[edit] DebConf Schedule (evening only - 4 persons)

DebConf Dishwashing schedule from Satuday 10th August to Saturday 17th
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
urbec Sarah Aude Aude Conference Dinner - No dishwashing Aude Sarah OdyX
gregoa Lunar Santiago Santiago Conference Dinner - No dishwashing Santiago heiserhorn Raphaël
carnil Elimar Solveig anholt Conference Dinner - No dishwashing Tassia Eike Y_Plentyn
intrigeri glasseyes kevinmoilar Lunar Conference Dinner - No dishwashing anholt kevinmoilar kevinmoilar
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